Xactly Releases Sales Performance Apps for iPad

Ann All

Updated · May 18, 2012

It’s no surprise that mobile CRM applications for sales people are in demand, given they spend so much time on the road, meeting with customers and visiting prospects.

Xactly Corporation, a provider of on-demand sales compensation and sales performance management, this week introduced a native iPad application for its flagship Xactly Incent platform. According to the company, sales managers, teams and individual sales people can view key sales performance metrics, from quota attainment to sales commission payments, in real-time on the iPad.

The application is free to current Xactly Incent users and will be available for download at the Apple App Store next month.

The app allows sales personnel to swipe between iPad screens to view custom dashboards that include information on sales quota goals and attainment by month, quarter or year. They can also search for and drill into incentive information on each deal to view compensation payments and owed commissions.

Xactly also provides the browser-based Xactly Incent Mobile solution for smartphone users. In addition, Xactly Express, a self-service sales compensation management software designed specifically for SMBs, is available as a native iOS application for the iPad in the App Store.

“The rise of enterprise mobility is empowering organizations to get better intelligence and drive improved performance – regardless of where the job may take them. This is especially apparent for sales personnel who spend the bulk of their time outside of the office with customers,” said Christopher Cabrera, Xactly’s president and CEO. “By extending our cloud platforms, Xactly Incent and Express, to the iPad, we are providing a seamless and integrated experience for managing sales commissions from the office to the field.” 

Ann All
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