ZAMBA Reaches for OmniSky CRM Solution Staff

Updated · Jul 17, 2001

by Staff

OmniSky Corporation, a global provider of wireless applications and services, will utilize the customer relationship management (CRM) processes of ZAMBA Solutions. An announcement today revealed that ZAMBA will provide a method for enabling efficient and effective analysis of information from customer interactions across OmniSky’s order management system and contact centers.

“Implementing ZAMBA’s analytics solution assists us in tracking orders and monitoring call center activity, information that ultimately helps us to deliver optimal service to our customers,” said Scott Briggs, OmniSky’s vice president of operations.

differentiate-to-winSM, the analytics and marketing application from ZAMBA, combines data from multiple CRM repositories into a single view of the customer. The information can then be used for analysis and evaluation, resulting in better marketing campaigns and personalized interactions.

President and CEO of ZAMBA Doug Holden predicts that OmniSky will garner a strong competitive advantage because the solution will enable a holistic view of customer activities ranging from order placement to customer service inquiries.

ZAMBA Solutions is a CRM consulting and systems integration company for Global 2000 organizations with offices in Boston, Colorado Springs, Denver, Minneapolis, San Jose and India.

Headquartered in San Francisco with offices in London and France, OmniSky Corporation provides e-mail and Internet services for users of mobile devices.

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