Zoho CRM Adds QuickBooks Integration

Mark J

Updated · Dec 10, 2010

Zoho has announced that Zoho CRM offers new integrations with QuickBooks and telephony systems. As noted in this Business Wire relese, Zoho CRM for QuickBooks gives SMBs and other users a convenient, automated way to synchronize customer data between the two applications. Similarly, Zoho PhoneBridge lets users integrate Zoho CRM with telephony systems to better manage all telemarketing activities, pre-sale prospecting to post-sale support.

“‘We believe in the value of contextual product integration, both within the Zoho suite as well as with third-party applications,’ said Raju Vegesna, Zoho evangelist. ‘When performing a task, users want to transparently move from one step to the next, regardless of how many applications it takes to perform that task. Zoho CRM for QuickBooks and Zoho PhoneBridge make it easy for people in accounting departments and contact centers to tap the customer data found in Zoho CRM.'”

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