9 Apps Empowering Finance

Drew Robb

Updated · Aug 24, 2016

Finance plays a crucial role in every successful business. Whether it’s weighing how to invest resources, managing expenses or setting financial goals for the year ahead, finance leaders are trusted advisors that can help their businesses achieve their long-term strategic visions.

At the same time, business units from marketing to IT rely on finance to keep things moving. Whether approving purchase orders, creating invoices or balancing the books, it’s easy for finance professionals to get bogged down with any number of tedious — yet important — tasks.

However, in this age of apps and automation, finance pros who leverage the cloud can dramatically improve their work performance. In fact, there is an entire subset of enterprise apps designed to help finance be more productive and deliver more value to their businesses.

From automating invoices to aggregating financial data, here are nine popular finance apps on Salesforce AppExchange that empower finance professionals around the world.

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