Is BizBuySell Legit? BizBuySell Reviews (2024)

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Updated · Jun 25, 2024

Is BizBuySell Legit? BizBuySell Reviews (2024)


Yes, BizBuysell is Legitimate

BizBuySell is a legitimate website used for buying and selling businesses. It is one of the oldest and most prominent online marketplaces for this purpose, with over 40,000 listings and a long history of facilitating business transactions since its founding in 1996. The platform is owned by CoStar Group, a well-established company in the real estate information sector. Traffic Statistics

According to SimilarWeb stats for May 2024, is ranked #2,526 in the US, and #13,961 globally, when it comes to total unique visitors. [6]

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What are people saying about BizBuySell?

Opinions about are mixed, with both positive and negative aspects highlighted by users and reviewers.

Positive Aspects

  1. 1. Extensive Listings: is praised for its large inventory, boasting over 40,000 listings across various industries, primarily focusing on brick-and-mortar businesses [1] [3].
  2. 2. Streamlined Transactions: The platform has facilitated over 100,000 deals, providing a safe streamlined process for buying and selling businesses [1] [3].
  3. 3. Valuable Resources: Users appreciate the helpful resources available on the site, such as blog posts and videos, which can guide them through the buying and selling process [1].
  4. 4. Legitimacy: Many users on platforms like Reddit confirm that BizBuySell is a legitimate site for buying and selling businesses, though they emphasize the importance of due diligence [2].


Negative Aspects

  1. 1. Focus on Brick-and-Mortar: The platform is less suitable for online businesses, which may limit its usefulness for those looking to buy or sell digital enterprises [1] [3].
  2. 2. User Experience Issues: Some users have reported frustrations with the platform's communication system, noting that they cannot reply directly to inquiries through the site, which can be time-consuming [4].
  3. 3. Mixed Reviews: While some users have had positive experiences, others have encountered issues such as misleading listings or unresponsive brokers, highlighting the need for careful vetting of individual listings [2] [4].
  4. 4. Potential Scams: There are concerns about the legitimacy of some listings, with users advising thorough due diligence to avoid scams [2].

Quotes From Users

From YouTube

  • “BizBuySell is one of, if not the oldest business marketplace in the world. They started in 1996 during the dot-com boom” [3].
  • “The great thing about BizBuySell is the insane variety and range of businesses that they have listed” [3].

From Reddit

  • “It's a reputable and trustworthy platform that can help connect you with the right opportunities to achieve your entrepreneurial goals” [2].
  • “The site is legit. It's the numbers presented by the brokers that you must be concerned with. Do your due diligence” [2].
  • “Think of it as eBay with even less scam protection or maybe Craigslist for businesses” [2].

From Trustpilot

  • “Over 45,000 businesses for sale on the Internet's largest business for sale exchange. Sell a business for sale with a confidential ad or use a business broker” [4].

History of BizBuySell has been operating since 1996. Here are some key points about its history:

  • Founded in 1996, BizBuySell has been providing tools and services to facilitate business sales for over 25 years.
  • It has grown to become the largest business-for-sale marketplace online, receiving over a million visitors per month.
  • The website offers tools for business owners and brokers to list businesses for sale, as well as resources for potential buyers to find businesses they're interested in purchasing.
  • In addition to business listings, BizBuySell provides other services like a franchise directory and a business valuation tool.
  • The company regularly publishes the BizBuySell Insight Report, a nationally-recognized economic indicator that tracks the health of the U.S. small business economy by analyzing sales and listing prices of small businesses across the country.
  • In 2010, BizBuySell expanded its reach by acquiring BizQuest, another online business-for-sale marketplace.

Throughout its history, BizBuySell has established itself as a leading platform in the business-for-sale industry, providing valuable resources and data for business owners, buyers, and brokers alike.

Overall Assessment is a well-established platform with a significant number of listings and a streamlined transaction process, making it a viable option for those looking to buy or sell brick-and-mortar businesses. However, potential users should be aware of its limitations regarding online businesses and the need for careful vetting of listings to avoid potential scams.


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