Communication in The Workplace Statistics By Communication Media, Country, Language, Generation, Colleagues and Clients and Measuring Performances

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Updated · Sep 08, 2023

Communication in The Workplace Statistics By Communication Media, Country, Language, Generation, Colleagues and Clients and Measuring Performances


Communication in The Workplace Statistics: Effective and positive communication within the workplace allows for gaining employee trust, employee trust, more engagement, and an increased rate of productivity. As of reports, it was observed in 2022 that due to lack of communication almost 50 million workers quit their jobs across the world. In recent days working from home has become the new normal for around 92 million people worldwide and in such cases digital communication plays an important role in workplace communication. Workplace communications are categorized into four sections verbal, non-verbal, phone communication, and written communication. These communications in the workplace statistics include insights from various aspects that will shed light on the importance of workplace communication. 


Editor’s Choice

  • As of 2023, due to lack of effective communication, 59% of workers across the world have quit quitting, 23% of workers believed in thriving at work, and 18%of workers are loud quitting.
  • 50% of workers quit their jobs and 43% of employees expected to change their jobs by the end of 2022.
  • In 2022, it has been observed an unbelievable loss in worldwide productivity of $8.8 trillion due to disengaged employees.
  • Whereas, in 2022 effective workplace communication helped in improving employee engagement by 23%.
  • As communication helped in gaining more employee engagement the rate of productivity has also increased by 44%.
  • Effective communication in the workplace helped in earning trust which was believed by 37% of business leaders across the globe.
  • 43% of business leaders in 2023 claimed that overall productivity has decreased due to poor communication.


Facts on Communication in The Workplace

  • According to the reports on Employee Engagement and Retention, it was observed that 79% of workers were likely to continue their jobs because effective communication within the workplace made them feel supported, cared for, and valued.
  • 71% of workers accepted that they felt more connected to their colleagues because of effective communication.
  • According to the reports of the state of business communication 2023, business leaders by 72% said that the team productivity has increased due to effective communication which was agreed by 52% of workers.
  • Workplace communication allowed for increasing employee confidence which was agreed by 60% of business leaders and 56% of knowledge workers.
  • Ineffective communication results lack of trust and thus 22% of workers resulted in lower employee performance and were not able to make referrals, 24% of workers left companies due to a lack of trust, and 68% of workers accepted that low trust has reduced their daily effort and productivity.
  • Due to miscommunication in the workplace, 42% of leaders accepted that many customers have missed deadlines and extended timelines.

General Statistics

  • In 2022, the major causes of poor communication over the world were burnout and decreased productivity, financial consequences for corporations, and professional failures.
  • Costs statistics by poor business communication are followed by 68% wastage of time; missed messages (53%); burn out, stress, and fatigue (42%); lost files (35%), bad customer experience (30%), lost customers to competitors (12%); lost employees (10%).
  • 93% of business leaders and 80% of employees in 2023 believed that communication in the workplace enhanced their working capability strongly and employees can easily express their needs accordingly.
  • There are two types of communication verbal and non-verbal which include emails, videoconferencing, physical meetings, text messages, notes, and phone calls.
  • In the United States, the annual cost of ineffective communication in 2022 turned out $2 trillion costing companies above $15,000 per employee.
  • Essential communication in the workplace was clear and engaging which was accepted by 78% of leaders and 51% of employees. Whereas effective communication was helpful and relevant this was accepted by 77% of leaders and 46% of employees across the world.
  • As of 2023, the most effective channel used within the workplace was Intranet 51% as allows for improving communication, productivity, and employee engagement, allows in finding easy and swift internal information, helps employees find their colleagues, and enables global collaboration.
  • The following are next effective communication channels are Email (36%), Digital signage (3%), SMS/Text (3%), Mobile apps (2%), Third-party apps such as Team and Slack (2%), and others (3%).

by Effective Communication and Its Importance

  • In the United States, 80% of people have agreed that communication helps in enhancing trust between employees and companies.
  • Communication in the workplace is termed as an empathetic approach by 96% of employees.
  • Employees who had more information from their seniors or team leaders resulted in 77% higher work productivity.
  • 97% of employees accepted that communication has increased their regular task efficiency.
  • Weekly communication with management teams has motivated 85% of employees.
  • Effective communication enabled 70% of the workforce to become more productive.
  • Better communication technology and skills helped employees to increase their productivity by 30%.
  • Companies and organizations have used effective internal communication tools; it has been observed that business results were 3.5 times more improved.

By Poor Communication in The Workplace


  • In 2022, because of poor internal communication strategy, 55% of employees spent more time on work than actually required, 44% of employees delayed in completing projects or failed, and 18% of employees caused a loss in overall sales.
  • As of 2023, the main cause of ineffective communication in the workplace was overall stress has increased by 50%.
  • The other causes statistics are followed by job satisfaction decreased by 34%, decreased professional confidence by 30%, and employees searching for new jobs with effective workplace communication by 22%.
  • According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, it has been observed that 44% of employees failed to complete projects on time, low employee morale was observed in 31% of cases, missed performance goals (25%), and lost sales (18%).
  • In 2023 according to the state of business communication, a miscommunication led to the loss of business deals which was costing above $10K by 68% of business leaders and above $50K by 13%.
  • Around 60% of worldwide business organizations did not have any internal communication strategy and 40% of companies have effective strategies of communication.

by the Most Used Digital Communication Device

  • As of 2023, workers are using more effective communication platforms that range of different types as well as used for on-site, remote, and hybrid communication.
  • The computer was the primary device that was used by communication computers and smartphones which were agreed by 44% and 36% of employees respectively.
  • Mobile phone is the most effective tool/device for workplace communication which was used on-site (52%), remotely (42%), and hybrid (51%).
  • Other communication tools are followed by Microsoft Team: on-site (52%), remote (42%), and hybrid (51%).
  • Landline: on-site (36%), remote (36%), and hybrid (27%).
  • Zoom: on-site (35%), remote (45%), and hybrid (51%).
  • Google Chat: on-site (29%), remote (43%), and hybrid (44%).
  • Google Meet: on-site (26%), remote (35%), and hybrid (47%).
  • VoIP phone system: on-site (23%), remote (37%), and hybrid (24%).
  • Discord: on-site (12%), remote (38%), and hybrid (36%).
  • Slack: on-site (12%), remote (38%), and hybrid (33%).

by Language


  • As of 2023, the language used most for communication in the workplace across the world was 27% English.
  • Furthermore, languages are followed by Chinese (18%), Spanish (8%), Japanese (6%), German (5%), French (4%), Arabic (3%), Italian, Portuguese, and Korean (2%).
  • 77% of employees in the world have used these top languages for communication and 23% have used other languages.
  • GDP earned as per language basis are English ($23.94 million), Chinese ($16.54 million), Spanish ($6.99 million), Japanese ($5.01 million), German ($4.91 million), French ($3.44 million), Arabic (2.34 million), Italian ($2.18 million), Portuguese ($1.95 million), and Korean ($1.86 million)
  • As of reports 62% of workers had colleagues from 3 or more cultures and 89% engaged in work with at least one global team.

by Communication Media


  • In the 3rd quarter of 2022, the most used medium of communication was a phone call which was used by 94.3% of workers across the world and used per day by 74.2%.
  • The other communication mediums are followed by Email (94.1%), Office software (90.8%), Video calls (86.5%), Messenger services and chat apps (85.9%), SMS text messages (85.8%), Collaboration tools (85.1%), and Social media (83.6%), and Product and task management tools (77.7%)
  • More than one communication medium was used in the workplace accepted by 85% of employees.
  • On a regular basis, emails were sent to more than 269 billion out of which only 24% of emails were opened.

Communication Services Revenue by Country (2022 and 2023)


  • United States: The United States generated the highest communication services revenue at $3.2 million.
  • China: China followed with revenue of $2.2 million.
  • Japan: Japan’s revenue reached $1 million.
  • Germany: Germany’s revenue was $54,000.
  • Brazil: Brazil generated $40,000 in communication services revenue.


  • United States: The United States saw an increase in revenue to $3.3 million.
  • China: China also experienced revenue growth, reaching $2.3 million.
  • Japan: Japan’s revenue remained at $1 million.
  • Germany: Germany’s revenue slightly increased to $55,000.
  • Brazil: Brazil’s revenue also grew to $41,000.

These statistics provide an overview of the revenue generated by communication services in different countries in both 2022 and 2023, highlighting the changes in revenue over the years.

by Generation

  • According to the reports of State of Business Communication 2023, it has been observed that because of ineffective communication made 75% of millennials stressed and anxious within their workplace.
  • Ineffective communication also hampered the workplace situation of 72% of Gen Z groups, 67% of Gen X, and 56% of Baby Boomers.
  • Whereas, 30% of the overall generation felt a lack of confidence because of poor communication in the workplace.
  • 57% of the overall generation claimed the organization’s communication turned out effective and 50% of Gen Z accepted that face-to-face communication was most effective.

by Colleagues and Clients

  • As of research in 2022, it was observed that online tools were used most for workplace communication with colleagues by 45% of employees across the globe, an increase of 17% from last year. The other tools were email (30%) which decreased by 10%, face-to-face (12%) decreased by 11%, and Phone (6%) increased by 4%.
  • Preferred tools for communicating with clients were email (51%) decreased by 14% from last year, online tools (31%) increased by 15%, phone (7%) DECREASED BY 3%, and face-to-face (5%) remained the same.

U.S. Workplace Communication Statistics

  • In 2022, in the United States, 52% of companies were using the most popular platform called Slack for workplace and business communication which allows employees to make conversation with each other in real time.
  • Video conferencing has helped improve the rate of productivity by 50% as it allows employees to interact with each other virtually for many reasons such as conferences, meetings, and training sessions.
  • Due to workplace communication employees within each team remained well connected with each other which enhanced productivity by 25%.
  • Daily communication in U.S. companies has increased efficiencies of routine tasks accepted by 97% of employees.
  • The main cause of organizational failure was due to poor workplace communication said 86% of employees.
  • Effective workplace communication helped in enhancing the rate of employee retention by 450%.
  • 80% of American employees said that effective communication in the workplace helped in gaining trust among employees by the end of 2022.

by Time Spent on Digital Communication


  • In 2022, employees spend more than 20 hours each week on communication tools.
  • A maximum of 21 to 25 hours was spent by 16% of employees.
  • Time spent by a number of employees was followed by 16-20 hours (15% of workers), 11-15 hours (14%), 6-10 hours (14%), 26-30 hours (12 hours), 1-5 hours (12%), 31-35 hours (5%), 36-40 hours (5%), Less than 1 hour (3%), and more than 40 hours (2%).

by Measuring Performances

  • Measuring performance is an important factor that helps in evaluating the change in employee performance by implementing effective communication in the workplace.
  • In 2022, larger companies with many employees and resources are more likely to track communication effectively to enhance better performance.
  • 60% of companies have started many initiatives and campaigns for planning better internal communication within organizations.
  • 52% of large companies across the world have resulted in effective communication that paid off profitable results.
  • 63% of companies measured events, email statistics, web call attendance, online attendance, intranet, and employee understanding.
  • 55% of companies measured the overall satisfaction of their employees with effective internal communications.
  • 53% of companies have measured business outcomes and behavior change.

Corporate Communication Statistics

  • Companies that implemented effective communication offerings in 2022 accomplished better customer satisfaction by 9.5%, and productive growth increased by 5%.
  • Companies that offered convenient communication processes helped in increasing sales rates by 68%.
  • As of 2023, in America, 4.3 million people have left their jobs due to ineffective internal communication.
  • According to research, it has been observed that 83% of employees have trust in HR departments.
  • In the United States and the United Kingdom, almost 100,000 employees lost $62.4 million in 2022 because of poor communication.
  • Over the world, 7% of effective workplace communication was verbal and 93% was non-verbal.

Effective Statistics Associated with Organizational Communication


  • As of 2022, across the world out of 5 projects 1 failed due to lack of effective communication.
  • Out of the total organizational budget, 56% of the budget remained under risk due to poor planning of communications.
  • The main reason for project failure was ineffective communication which was accepted by 30% of employees.
  • 70% of managers experienced difficulty in communicating with employees which resulted in negative impacts.
  • Only 10% of employees have actively participated in the programs and campaigns of internal communication activities.


As of now after completing the article on Communication in the workplace statistics it has been observed that communication is a vital component for enabling a successful working environment. Effective communication helps in building strong team decisions, helps reduce stress and conflicts among employees, and enhances the rate of productivity. This article includes many statistics that will help in understanding the importance of communication in the current situation.


What percent of the time is spent on communication in the workplace?

Employees across the world spends more than 29% of time for communication within workplace and if calculated in daily basis of 8 hours of work approximately 2 and half hours on communication.

How effective is communication in the workplace?

Effective communication in the workplace helped in enhances employee engagement, improving organizations, and productivity by 25%.

Why communication is the most important skills?

Rather than sharing information with employee’s effective communication allow in understanding message clearly within short period of time. Both speaking and listening are equally important skills for an effective communication within the workplace.

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