Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

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Updated · Oct 10, 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

Most Expensive Air Jordans: Air Jordans is the most popular shoe brand for athletes in the world. The brand was launched in 1985 by Nike in collaboration with Michael Jordan. The reason that the brand got its fame is because of the uniqueness, performance, features, and styles of the products.

Moreover, cutting-edge technological features added to the Air Jordans made their way in the market and grabbed more attention. The real meaning of sneakers is explained by this brand, and this is what the majority of athletes are embracing. While we talk about this brand, we came up with the Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans in the World that were ever sold.

History of Air Jordans

The Air Jordans story began when Nike, a growing sports shoe company, teamed up with the famous basketball player, Michael Jordan, in the 1980s. Nike wanted to make a big splash in basketball shoes. In 1984, they signed Michael Jordan, who had just finished playing college basketball at the University of North Carolina.

In 1985, Nike launched their first Air Jordan shoe, called the Air Jordan 1. Peter Moore designed it, and it was special because it had Nike’s air cushioning technology. It came in cool colors, like black and red (“Bred”) and red, black, and white (“Chicago”). But the NBA, the top basketball league, didn’t like them because they didn’t match the usual team colors. Every time Jordan wore them to play, he got fined.

Even with this problem, many people loved the Air Jordan 1. They loved them because of how they looked and because Michael Jordan was a fantastic player. The shoes became super popular.

Every year after that, Nike made a new Air Jordan shoe. Some of the most loved ones are the Air Jordan III, IV, V, and XI. The Air Jordan III had a cool “elephant print” design. The Air Jordan IV had a new “Flight” logo and was in a movie. The Air Jordan V was inspired by old fighter planes. In 1996, the Air Jordan XI came out with shiny patent leather, and people really loved it.

Air Jordans became more than just shoes for playing basketball. They were about style and being connected to Michael Jordan’s greatness.

Today, many people still love Air Jordans. Nike keeps making new ones and even teams up with artists and other famous people to make special designs. The shoes show how important Michael Jordan is to sports and fashion. Everyone knows about Air Jordans because they mix cool style, good performance, and a great story.

Air Jordans Statistics

  • As of April 2023, the most expensive sneaker sold at auction was worn and signed by Michael Jordan was Nike Air Jordan 13. It was sold for $2.2 million.
  • Air Jordan 5 Retro Oreo is the most in-demand Air Jordan of all time.
  • XX8 is the most expensive Air Jordan today.
  • The designs of the majority of the Air Jordans are based on fighter jets and cars.
  • After Air Jordan III, the Jumpman logo is one of the most famous athletic logos featured on all sneakers.
  • On October 18th, 1984 the first Air Jordan was prohibited from the National Baseball Association (NBA).
  • Most of the Air Jordans are released on Saturdays.
  • Air Jordans have hidden messages on the sneakers which can be seen with the focus light.
  • Michael Jordan put on the Air Jordan 1 in 1998.
  • A lawn mower inspired the Air Jordan XI.


  • Nike Air Jordan 13 (1998) worn by Michael Jordan is the most valuable sneaker in 2023 sold at $2,200,000.

Year-wise Most Valuable Sneakers:

  • Nike Air Yeezy 1 Sample (2008) (worn by Kanye West) – sold at $1,800,000 (2021)
  • Nike Air Ship (1984) (worn by Michael Jordan) – sold at $1,472,000 (2021)
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 (1985) (worn by Michael Jordan) – sold at $615,000 (2020)
  • Nike Air Jordan 1 (1985) (worn by Michael Jordan) – sold at $560,000 (2020)
  • Nike Moon Shoe (unworn) – sold at $437,500 (2019)

Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans in the World

  • Air Jordan 12 Flu Game (Worth – $104,000)
  • Air Jordan 12 OVO (Worth – $100,000)
  • Air Jordan Silver Shoe (autograph included) (Worth – $60,000)
  • Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample (Worth – $52,900)
  • Air Jordan 2 OG (Worth – $31,000)
  • Air Jordan I (autograph included) (Worth – $25,000)
  • Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (Worth – $21,780)
  • Air Jordan 10 OVO (Worth – $20,000)
  • Air Jordan XVII (Worth – $11,267)
  • Air Jordan V (Worth – $10,000)

1. Air Jordan 12 Flu Game (Worth – US$104,000)

Air Jordan 12 Flu Game (Worth - US$104,000) - Most Expensive Air Jordans

During a game between Chicago Bulls Vs Utah Jazz, Michael Jordan experienced flu symptoms but yet showed some strength to the game and landed themselves a trophy. During that night, Michael Jordan was wearing this pair of Air Jordan 12 and thus this pair of shoes were named as Air Jordan 12 Flu Game. These were later sold for $104,000 becoming the top most in the Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans in the World.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO (Worth – US$100,000)

Air Jordan 12 OVO (Worth - US$100,000) (Worth - US$60,000) - 2nd Most Expensive Air Jordans

Air Jordan 12 OVO was gifted to a lady fan during the event of Toronto Raptors, Drake’s Extravaganza Night. These sneakers came with gold sides and translucent soles, which were later sold by the lady at $100,000.

3. Air Jordan Silver Shoe (Autograph Included) (Worth – US$60,000)

Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample (Worth - US$52,900) - 3rd Most Expensive Air Jordans

These comfy-looking Air Jordan sneakers were gifted to Drake and his group during the Toronto Raptors Drake Night event. The reason for the gift was the collaboration between Jordan Brand and the Drake group. During the event, these were sold to a fan for $20,000 becoming one of the Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans in the World.

4. Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample (Worth – US$52,900)

Air Jordan 5 Retro Transformers Sample (Worth - US$52,900) - Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

These were the most popular and demanding pair of shoes, the Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition. The popularity increased the price of these sneakers reaching $21,780. People can wear it on formal occasions as well as on the basketball courts. They have patented leather and carbon by Nike. Michael Jordan wore these during the NBA Championship and also during the filming of the Space Jam movie.

5. Air Jordan 2 OG (Worth – US$31,000)

Air Jordan 2 OG (Worth - US$31,000) - Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

These pairs of sneakers Air Jordan I became so popular that Nike made two releases, one in 2013 and in 2015. The color theme of these was inspired by the Chicago Bulls. The popularity of these sneakers made it $25,000 in sales.

6. Air Jordan I (Autograph Included) (Worth – US$25,000)

Air Jordan I (autograph included) (Worth - US$25,000) - Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

These pairs of sneakers were designed by Bruce Kilgore and were manufactured in Italy. This wasn’t the most famous pair but it was featured on eBay for sale for $31,000 after 28 years of its launch.

7. Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (Worth – US$21,780)

Air Jordan 11 Blackout Edition (Worth - US$21,780)

These pairs of shoes were gifted by Jordan Brand to Transformer movie’s actor Mark Wahlberg during the film release. During the debut of the film release, the number 84 replaced the number 23. Just because Mark wore it, made its prices touch the sky, and were sold for $52,900.

8. Air Jordan 10 OVO (Worth – US$20,000)

Air Jordan 10 OVO (Worth - US$20,000) - Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans In The World

This pair was manufactured with a limited edition, and only 10 pairs were available for sale. These  Air Jordan Silver sneakers were received by Michael Jordan as a gift from his wife on his birthday. It has his automated and all of the other shoes in the limited edition were collected by the collectors. It was sold at $60,000 during an auction.

 9. Air Jordan XVII (Worth – US$11,267)

Air Jordan XVII (Worth - US$11,267) - Most Expensive Air Jordans

These shoes feature a removable strap that covers half of the shoe with an invisible rapid lace mechanism and lace locs. These Air Jordan XVII were worn by Michael Jordan at a Washington Wizards game. The pair released in 2022 and became most demanding in the short term before signing off from the market. These were then sold for around $11,267.

10. Air Jordan V (Worth – US$10,000)

Air Jordan V (Worth - US$10,000) - Most Expensive Air Jordans

These sneakers were designed by Tinker Hatfield and became famous in 1990 in the United States of America. These sneakers have mesh side panels from Air Jordan IV and include locks for laces as well as translucent soles.
Michael Jordan received a custom-printed pair with the number 23 which was sold for $10,000.


As we conclude the Top 10 Most Expensive Air Jordans in the World, we know how valuable the brand has become. Top athletes are wearing these pairs and performing well in the matches. Not only this, but these sneakers are also well suited for occasional events that showcase the elegant personality of the person.

Although many pairs of sneakers were signed off from the markets, there are thousands of collections going behind each unique pair to add to their collection. Well, these sneakers are not just for wearable purposes but also are a great choice for collection!

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  • FAQ.

    Which is the most famous Jordan of all time?

    The most famous Jordan of all time is Jordan 1 ‘Chicago’. It was launched in 2015. As of today, it has become famous among street ballers and basketball fans. It became popular because of “The Last Dance, the Chicago Colourway”.

    When were the first Air Jordans released?

    The first pair of Air Jordans, known as the Air Jordan 1, was released in 1985. It was designed by Peter Moore and featured the iconic "Wings" logo and the Nike Air cushioning technology.

    Why is it called Air Jordan?

    Air Jordans were called Air because Michael played in the Air and also Nike invented the new technology called air soles. Therefore they are called Air Jordan.

    How many Air Jordan models are there?

    As of 2022, there are 37 main models and till today Air Jordans has recorded the longest continuous signature sneaker production ever.

    Where can I buy Air Jordans?

    Air Jordans are available for purchase at various retail locations, including Nike stores, authorised Nike retailers, and select shoe stores. They are also sold online through websites such as Nike's official website, as well as other online retailers and marketplaces.

    What are Air Jordans?

    Air Jordans are a line of basketball shoes and athletic apparel associated with the NBA superstar Michael Jordan. The line is produced by the sportswear company Nike and is known for its iconic designs and high-performance features.

    Are Air Jordans suitable for sports or just for fashion?

    Air Jordans are designed with a focus on both performance and style. While they are suitable for playing basketball and other sports, many people also wear them primarily for their fashion appeal. The level of performance may vary depending on the specific model and its intended use.

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