Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

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Updated · Nov 01, 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings in the World

World’s Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings – An engagement ring represents dedication and affection given through one partner to a different person while making a marriage proposal. It is generally manufactured of a costly, such as gold, silver, or diamonds, and is placed on the left hand's ring finger. The most frequent gem used to embellish it is a gem. The ritual of exchanging wedding bands has its foundations in antiquity and has developed over the years into a universally recognized habit everywhere in the world.

The characteristics and tastes of the person seeking and receiving the ring can be reflected in the commitment ring's distinctive design options. It stands for the prospect of a permanent relationship with another person. This article will focus on the importance of the engagement ring as well as tell us about the world’s top 10 most expensive engagement rings.

History of Engagement Rings

The practice of gifting engagement rings stretches back hundreds of years, with evidence of ancient Egyptians exchanging bands as a promise of everlasting love. Because it had no beginning or conclusion, the ring's oblique design was considered to signify profound love and allegiance.

Iron engagement rings were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand in ancient Rome since they claimed that a sound traveled immediately from such a finger toward the soul. This concept is still prevalent today, as well as the fourth cutlet on the left hand is sometimes referred to as your “ring finger.”

Gems became popular in engagement rings all through Eighteenth Century because of their claim to sustain charmed properties as well as serve as a shield in warfare. Yet, it wasn't until the 15th century that the initial stone engagement ring was presented to Mary of Burgundy by Archduke Maximilian of Austria. The De Beers gemstone corporation initiated a promotional campaign at the beginning of the century that completely altered the wedding ring assiduity. The proverb “A Gem Is Eternal” pushed men to spend 2 weeks' salary on an engagement ring made of diamonds, and the habit of diamond wedding bands quickly became the standard.

At the time, wedding rings were obtainable in a broad range of patterns and styles, including standard gem wedding rings to exotic gems and span arrangements. Many newlyweds opt to personalize their rings by painting on them or by integrating personal belongings. Whereas the practice of wedding rings has shifted over the years, the principle remains the very same: to symbolize affection, commitment, as well as the commitment of a future united.

Different Styles of Engagement Rings

  • A solitaire wedding ring is distinguished by a small shard or other gem placed on a plain band, offering it a conventional and everlasting decision.
  • A halo wedding ring has a center stone that is encircled by a circular of additional gems or other jewels, producing a dazzling and glittering impression.
  • Three-Stone: A 3 gemstone has a main stone surrounded by two minor jewels, reflecting the person's history, current, and potential
  • An antique wedding ring is characterized by designs from a historical phase, including Art Deco or Gothic, with elaborate details and original patterns.
  • A postmodern wedding ring incorporates current craftsmanship and designs, frequently in a simplistic and elegant appeal.
  • Colorful jewels, such as rubies or jewels, could provide vibrancy as well as individuality to the wedding ring.
  • Custom: Bespoke wedding bands enable partners to construct a one-of-a-kind and customized style that represents their particular taste and sense of style.

Importance of Engagement Rings

  • Symbolism: A wedding ring sense of care, and dedication, as well as the potential of a destiny ahead. It is a physical reflection of a pair's intimate connection as well as a reinforcement of the pledge to adore and appreciate one another.
  • Presenting a wedding ring is a lengthy ritual in so many civilizations that dates back decades. It is an opportunity to respect the sacred bond of the wedding as well as the engagement that individuals undertake with one another.
  • Milestones: A wedding ring is typically provided to honor an important step in a family dynamic. This could usher in an exciting new chapter even while providing a reflection of the bond of affection that drove the pair to unite.
  • Emotional importance: The wedding ring can indeed be appealing both for the sender as well as the recipients. It might be a beloved keepsake of the connection as well as the achievements made jointly.
  • Expenditure: As some, a wedding ring serves as a long-term asset. It may be a secure investment with long-term worth that is inherited by future ancestors as a piece of history.

Top 10 Most Expensive Engagement Rings

  • Pink Star Diamond Ring – Worth $83M
  • Graff Diamond Ring – Worth $80M
  • Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring – Worth $57.5M
  • Blue-Star Diamond Ring – Worth $48.4M
  • Graff Pink Diamond Ring – worth $46.2M
  • Cullinan Dream – Worth $25.4M
  • Sky Blue Diamond Ring – Worth $25M
  • Perfect Pink – Worth $23.2M
  • Bulgari Blue – Worth $18.3M
  • Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring – Worth $16.26M

#1. Pink Star Diamond Ring – (Worth $83 Million)

Pink Star Diamond Ring - 1st Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The Pink Star Diamond hoisted on a platinum four-rounded ring, is indeed a mega ‘fancy pink pictorial diamond made in Southern Africa by De Beers in 1999. The gravestone was precisely cut over two decades to create the finest indestructible diamond ring. Thus, when this amazing and gigantic stone was put on the market at Sotheby's in Hong Kong in April 2017, it must have been bound to cause a stir.

After frantic early bargaining from several bidders, the sled kept falling at $83 million, making it the costliest engagement ring in recorded existence. The victorious customer was Chinese jewelers Chow Tai Fook Enterprises, who acquired the most beautiful diamond engagement ring in recorded existence and christened it to the CTF Pink Star to commemorate the event.

#2. Graff Diamond Ring – (Worth $80 Million)

Graff Diamond Ring - 2nd Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The Wittelsbach- Graff diamond is a masterpiece of art in addition to a precious stone. This spectacular dark bluish-grey gem was the focus of the Crest of Bavaria until it was ultimately sold mostly by the Wittelsbach clan in 1931. The gemstone was manufactured in Golkonda, India, and it was initially recorded in 1686 as belonging to the Habsburg royal estates. When Archduchess Maria Amelia of Austria wedded Charles of Bavaria, this valuable gemstone was also granted to the Bavarian Wittelsbach dynasty as part of a settlement.

The Wittelsbach dynasty owned it until 1931, after which it was auctioned to a private individual. It languished in the hands of private until December 2008, before being put up for auction at Christie's. The gemstone weighed 35.56 carats in its initial form but was believed to have gained 4.45 carats after being sliced.

It would not, therefore, shed any worth. Graff allegedly leased the magnificent diamond engagement ring to the Emir of Qatar for a cool $ 80 million, a fantastic investment's return.

#3. Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring – (Worth $57.5 Million)

Oppenheimer Blue Diamond Ring - 3rd Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The Oppenheimer Blue is the brightest artistic kyanite ever demanded and also another worthy inclusion to our list of the finest beautiful engagement rings in recorded existence. The gravestone is designated for Sir Philip Oppenheimer, whose ancestors headed the De Beers Mining Operation, and is set flanked by two trapeze-cut stones on a platinum five-blade circle.

Oppenheimer was extremely indecisive, and very little was revealed well about the ring before he died in 1995. Consequently, when that was offered for purchase at Christie's Geneva in May 2016, it generated quite a commotion. After the very first swarm of stabs, only two determined bidders were left to duke this out. They tussled for 20 glints even before the hammer dropped.

#4.  Blue-Star Diamond Ring – (Worth $48.4 Million)

Blue-Star Diamond Ring - 4th Most Expensive Engagement Rings

The cornerstone of this stunning and exceptional band is a 12.03-carat kyanite. Considering blue gems comprise only 0.1 percent of all stones, every blue gemstone is special and desirable. And yet, this precise blue star is indeed indestructible.

Mostly all elevated ruffled gems include trace amounts of non-crystallized charcoal, which exhibit dark specks whenever examined with a microscope. The Blue Star of Josephine, on the opposite hand, features no comparable knockouts and was recently formally classified as indefectible even by GIA. Whenever the simply stunning, stunning engagement ring was put up for grabs at Sotheby's Geneva in October 2011, it gathered investors from all over the planet.

The straight-set huge diamond purchase event drew strong bargaining, as projected. The limitation of $35 million was shortly exceeded, as well as the expense kept on going up. Once the shovel eventually collapsed, it had achieved a historic price of $48.4 million (£31.7 million), putting it among the most beautiful stones ever purchased.

#5. Graff Pink Diamond Ring – (Worth $46.2 Million)

Graff Pink Diamond Ring - 5th Most Expensive Engagement Rings

In the 1950s, legendary designer Harry Winston offered the Graff Pink to an eccentric buyer. The ring's centerpiece is a 24.78-carat emerald-cut pink diamond. This is fashioned utilizing a classic three-gravestone shoulder arrangement plus the bottom two clear gems on a tableware carved ring.

This exquisite gem was available to purchase at Sotheby's Wonderful Gems deal in Geneva in Nov 2010. Laurence Graff, the founder of Graff Diamonds in England, was indeed the ultimate purchaser. Graff called the ring the ‘Graff Pink' and characterized it as the much more renowned gemstone he has encountered in the chronicle of his existence.

#6. Cullinan Dream Diamond Ring – (Worth $25.4 Million)

Cullinan Dream Diamond Ring - 6th Most Expensive Engagement Rings

In June 2016, Christie's New York sold the 24.18 karats Cullinan Fantasy for $25.4 million. The blocky blended gravestone is positioned on a platinum band with birthstone-cut gem side inscriptions. The Cullinan Dream, such as the Oppenheimer Blue, hails from either the Cullinan quarry and was the highest of four stones cut from a 122.52 karat raw blue star excavated there, too, in 2014.

The reality that each of the bands accentuated are then set with variegated instead of tintless jewels shows the significant need for premium colored gems,” states the essay. Blue gems comprise only 0.0001% of all mined gems, but only approximately 1% of these “statues” exhibit the tint and achromatism which permit them to be labeled as Fancy Vibrant.

#7. Sky Blue Diamond Ring – (Worth $25 Million)

Sky Blue Diamond Ring

The Sky Blue Diamond Engagement ring, as the title indicates, has a gorgeous radiance as well as the delicate grandeur of the cloudless sky. Furthermore, the values indicate reliability, assurance, purity, and accountability.

Shortly just after unearthing, Cartier piled the gem on its band foundation to finalize the layout. The 8-carat band is a stunning transparent Elysian blue with such a squared stone cut. The £ 11 million award was passionate, but it saddened several individuals.

As per Thomas Erickson designers' assessments, the band should've just sold for more than £20.7 million. Regrettably, another nice inclusion on the highest spot among the most expensive gems ever auctioned throughout recorded existence.

#8. Perfect Pink Diamond Ring – (Worth $23.2 Million)

Perfect Pink Diamond Ring

The cornerstone of this quality band is a giant pink diamond that happened to be the sole pink diamond ever marketed as exquisite pictorial pink when it was initially vented in 2010. As a consequence, it became an extremely unique sculpture. Thus it wasn't a shock that when it finally was offered for sale, it garnered a value much above its appraisal, a deserving addition to the listing of the 10 most valuable engagement rings in the universe.

The 14.23-carat gem is set in a conventional shoulder position on an 18k pink wedding band, complemented by two brilliant gems on each edge. It's a lovely composition with Art Deco connotations that transport one straight to the Roaring 20s. Yet it's the gravestone's wonderful graphic color that stands out.

The ring was priced at $23.2 million now, which became $30 million greater desirable than that of the earlier evaluation and a historic commitment for a pink diamond.

#9. Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring – (Worth $18.3 Million)

Bulgari Blue Diamond Ring

Bulgari designed this stunning band in 1972 with two large gemstones. The primary stone is an amazingly fancy vibrant Blue gem weighing 10.95 carats, while the latter is a trapezoidal cut constitutionally guaranteed clear stone weighing a 9.87-carat diamond. The gems are placed in a quarter on an 18k gold bracelet with five birthstone-cut transparent gems. Although the ring indeed contains 7 gems altogether, the blue gemstone accounts for a significant portion of its elite leaguer worth.

It is acknowledged to be among the purest blue jewels in reality and is among just a couple of blue gems to be designated as fancy pictorial blue. On May 2, the Bulgari Two- -Gravestone was put up for grabs at Christie's Nyc.

Since May 19th, 2010, the Bulgari Two- Gravestone was put up for grabs at Christie's Nyc. Certainly, up till the mallet fell, there had been multiple wars for the ring. The price for this distinctive and exquisite diamond was $18.3 million. The bidder was identified as a quirky Asian Connoisseur.

#10. Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring – (Worth $16.26 Million)

Vivid Yellow Diamond Ring

The 100-carat multicolored recreate engagement ring was offered up for $16.26 million at Sotheby's in May 2014. The trade drew participants from much more than six continents, and the sale value was the biggest ever charged for an unheroic stone.

This baby undignified diamond engagement ring has one of humankind's finest uncharismatic gems. Because the gravestone is framed on the band but detachable, the arrangement is modifiable. The owner might douse and deploy troops on unusual accessories, like a necklace or clip.

Bottom Line

Acquiring a greater piece of jewelry is a specific bone that really should be determined depending on personal finances and choices. While some would regard the expense of a wedding ring as a demonstration of passion and devotion, others could consider it as an extra expense. Finally, the diamond's worth should have been determined by its importance to the marriage and its connection.

It's essential to mention that now the value of a diamond ring does not automatically correspond to its brilliance or uniqueness value. A much less cheap band may have just as much significance and aesthetic value as a much more beautiful one. Lovers may indeed opt to direct their economic means on other components of their connection, such as a wedding or a baby.

It is indeed important to consider the cultural and artistic demands that feed the impression of how a piece of expensive wedding jewelry is desirable. In current history, there has emerged a rising trend among essential wedding rings accouterments such as stretched bands, precious items, or no band in any way.

To recapitulate, the selection to choose a precious wedding ring must be undertaken with the utmost courtesy and focused on certain principles and desires. The ring's importance ought not to be primarily determined by its worth, but instead by its meaning towards the relationship and its suitability.

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