Top 10 Most Expensive Knives In The World

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Updated · Oct 02, 2023

Top 10 Most Expensive Knives In The World

Most Expensive Knives: Knives are tools with sharp blades designed specifically for cutting, carving, and slashing objects such as foodstuff, wood, or other substances. Knives have been around for hundreds of years; depending on their intended use they come in an assortment of forms, sizes, and styles crafted out of metals, ceramics, or even basalt.

Knife grips are essential in providing secure control during use while keeping knives working optimally. Knives have become indispensable tools in cooking, hunting, hiking or emergency scenarios yet require regular upkeep in order to remain functional.

History Of Knives

From the dawn of civilization, mankind has used blades as a vital tool for survival. The first knives were fashioned out of rock and used for food preparation, garment creation, and hunting; later they began being made out of various metals like brass, titanium, or iron as science and metallurgy advanced. Blades became weaponry during medieval wars and conflicts while often decorated with ornate ornamentation to symbolize wealth or authority – such as gladii or Roman knives which could be employed in combat activities while seax (Viking sharp objects) could also be employed both during battle and everyday life alike.

Knights and soldiers often wielded swords as weaponry during the Medieval Era; however, they were mostly employed for feasting and cooking. Many of these knives featured elaborate decorations made of rare metals with intricate patterns, signifying their owners’ status and wealth.

Knives underwent a dramatic change in the late nineteenth century due to industrialization. Thanks to mass manufacturing processes and new resources like stainless steel, knives could now be mass-produced on a larger scale. As a result, pen knives became widely popular as everyday tools.

Knives continued to advance during the mid-twentieth century, with new patterns and substances. Many types were designed specifically for jobs like hunting, angling, or surviving; consequently, blades became increasingly skilled. Contemporary knives come in an array of shapes, sizes, and materials like locking mechanisms or ergonomic grips made out of platinum carbon fiber or ceramics – just to name a few!

Knives remain indispensable tools in many professions today, from culinary and hiking to poaching and self-defense. Knife enthusiasts search out unique patterns from around the world for both aesthetics and craftsmanship’s sake.

Types Of Knives

  • Paring knife
  • Boning knife
  • Chef’s knife
  • Bread knife
  • Utility knife
  • Fillet knife
  • Cleaver
  • Nakiri knife
  • Hunting knife
  • Pocket knife
  • Santoku knife
  • Serrated knife

Uses Of Knives

  • Knives are essential tools in the kitchen for cutting, dissecting, and slicing fruits, veggies, poultry, and other materials. Fish cleaning, meat preparation for cookery as well and field dressing game all necessitate their use.
  • Knives can be invaluable while traveling, trekking, and other outdoor activities as they’re ideal for meal preparation, rope slicing, and fine woodworking.
  • In an emergency, knives may serve as weapons of self-defense but it’s essential to note that doing so may not always be permitted.
  • Knives are commonly employed in creative and craft activities like woodworking; carving; and embossing.
  • Medical operations also frequently utilize knives to slice tissue or create cuts.
  • Knives also play an integral role in many industrial processes like cutting fabrics; leatherworking; and polymers.

The Popularity Of Knives

  • Knives are an indispensable tool for many jobs, from food preparation and outdoor sports to self-defense. They have long been essential in industries like farming and architecture.
  • Knives are a beloved hobby for many who appreciate their distinctive designs, expert craftsmanship, and cultural significance. Many knife exhibits and displays take place worldwide; avid collectors often search for rare or constrained blades.
  • Blades have been around for millennia, and many cultures regard them as reliable traditional tools. Knives come in various styles and cultures and are passed down as family heirlooms from generation to generation.
  • Knives have long been seen as fashionable accessories that express individual styles. Custom knife manufacturers create distinctive and eye-catching designs, and many people choose to carry one around with them as a fashion statement.
  • Knives are essential tools for survival and readiness; which has made them increasingly popular among outdoor adventurers and bushcraft enthusiasts. Knives have become more than just tools for cutting food; they serve a purpose.

Why Knives Are Expensive?

  • Premium components, such as elevated steel, unique handle composites, and rare metals are often employed to craft many elevated knives. Unfortunately, these more costly materials ultimately result in a costlier product overall.
  • Custom knives tend to be more costly due to the labor-intensive process of production. A single customized knife may require several hours of designing and crafting, as well as adding special features or design components that add cost to production.
  • Producing high knives requires time-consuming and technically skilled manufacturing. Due to their skill and the precision required to produce a knife that meets stringent performance and quality criteria, experienced knifemakers may charge extra.
  • Certain knives are produced in limited numbers, which adds to their rarity and value. Due to scale advantages; knives with low production cycles tend to sell for higher prices due to limited supply.
  • Clients are willing to pay more for certain knife brands due to their reputations for superior performance and craftsmanship. Furthermore,; branding and marketing costs may add significantly to the final cost of a knife.

Top 10 Most Expensive Knives In The World

  • The Gem of the Orient – Worth $2.1M
  • Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser – Worth $99,000
  • Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife – Worth $44,000
  • Searpoint Lace Point – Worth $25,000
  • Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife – Worth $18,500
  • Gentak Makara Knife – Worth $12,500
  • Black Panther Knife – Worth $8,150
  • Nenohi Honyaki Dentokongeishi Sakimaru Takobiki – Worth $6,900
  • Lancet Ouroboros Knife – Worth $5,500
  • Yoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki – Worth $5,000

#1. The Gem of the Orient – (Worth $2.1 Million)

The Gem of the Orient - (Worth $2.1 Million) - Most Expensive Knives In The World

Why is this knife so costly; you might ask? What makes it special? Right now, the most valuable fillet knife available is known as “The Jewel of Orient”. Crafted with only premium components of superior quality; its construction leaves nothing to be desired.

10 and 9 carats of diamonds make up this knife, totaling 10 carats in weight. But closer inspection reveals its subtle grace. Buster Werenski’s Gem of Orient, an exquisite masterpiece worth $2.1 million; should be a sighting in every city. This skinning knife was crafted with exquisite care as if it were specially created for someone special.

#2. Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser – (Worth $99,000)

Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser - (Worth $99,000) - Second Most Expensive Knives In The World

The Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser; manufactured by German jewelers; is the most expensive blade in existence. Crafted by Lars Scheidler with a stainless steel edge and 640 sheets of Damascus steel, this masterpiece has been meticulously hand-forged for maximum value.

Bog oak; which has been around for 5,000 years, was used to craft the grip by hand on this sword. At its price tag of $99,000; it is embellished with 25 gems and palladium.

Should you opt to purchase the Nesmuk Jahrhundertmesser, it will be delivered directly to your home in an elegant instrument container.

#3. Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife – (Worth $44,000)

Nesmuk Diamond Studded Knife - (Worth $44,000) - 3rd Most Expensive Knives In The World

Quintin Nel and Hoffman/Pieper; claim this knife to be the sharpest in the world; boasting a grip made out of pure silver while its sword is carbon iron. This stunning tool boasts 8 gems embedded into its handle which was inspired by ancient blade handles.

Teflon and platinum coatings were applied to this knife for maximum efficiency and endurance. Priced at over $44,000 (roughly equivalent to a brand-new car); it arrives in an elegant pianist cabinet complete with diamond engagement rings – creating an ideal pairing that benefits both parties involved. It truly is a win-win situation!

#4. Searpoint Lace Point – (Worth $25,000)

Searpoint Lace Point - (Worth $25,000) - Most Expensive Knives In The World

William Henry’s craftsmanship is evident in this beautifully etched grip set with 25K gold. An artisan from William Henry named Mario Terzi performed the handmade embossing, while Chad Nichols used ‘Boomerang’ Damascus metal to craft its stunning blade that matches perfectly.

Each blade needed countless hours of meticulous hand engraving and forging before being recognized as one of William Henry’s designs by its intricate hand carving. With such a lasting inheritance, you can pass it down through generations – from your child to theirs…and so forth!

William Henry Designs has ensured a secure grip and an elegant sword with this design. Like other William Henry Designs products, it comes with a suede suitcase to protect it and extend its longevity. Additionally, the Spearpoint is housed in a hardwood display package for extra security.

#5. Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife – (Worth $18,500)

Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife - (Worth $18,500)

The Monarch Steampunk Dragon Dagger is the fifth most expensive knife on our ranking; made of base metal and created through collaboration between three renowned artists. This knife boasts enhanced aesthetic appeal; delicacy and refinement thanks to their collaboration.

Monarch steampunk art seamlessly fuses innovation; practicality; and aesthetics to create an exquisite whole. The intricate artwork is composed of 24-karat gold, silver, and brass mosaics for maximum visual impact.

Monarch only made one Monarch Steampunk Dragon Knife, hand-forged from Damascus iron at a price tag of $18,500 – which is expensive by comparison.

#6. Gentak Makara Knife – (Worth $12,500)

Gentak Makara Knife - (Worth $12,500)

The Gentak Makaran Knife; priced at an eye-watering $12,500; is another luxurious serrated steak knife worth noting. William Henry designed and created this remarkable tool.

This blade is constructed of stainless steel and features a one-hand click latch similar to the Lancet Ouroboros pen knife, but constructed out of Hornet’s Nest Damascus steel.

This exquisitely crafted and elegant blade also appeals due to its exquisite features like a 24-karat gold accented grip as well as walnut timber and diamonds used in its design. Overall, the Dental Makaran pen knife is an expensive product but worth every penny spent; a wonderful sharp tool you could give as a gift too

#7. Black Panther Knife – (Worth $8,150)

Black Panther Knife - (Worth $8,150)

The sword exudes power and beauty that is evident from its name alone. High-end stores carry the exquisitely crafted Black Panther knife; featuring a Damascus metal grip adorned with a panther head motif. A silver-plated panther skull mounted on the bottom of the wood grip completes this striking ensemble.

Giving this box cutter an even more luxurious appearance; the gold engraving is added. This multi-purpose tool can double as a sharp object when needed. Gifting someone you care about this gift is an exemplary gesture and the cost of the transaction is reasonable.

#8. Nenohi Honyaki Dentokongeishi Sakimaru Takobiki – (Worth $6,900)

Nenohi Honyaki Dentokongeishi Sakimaru Takobiki - (Worth $6,900)

He used Yoshikazu Ikeda’s white steel Shirogami #1; expertly crafted by famous knifemaker Yoshikazu Ikeda. A granite grip was attached to the sharp cutting knife for improved control, and its scabbard was intricately carved by hand using the Wajima Lacquer technique – used to strengthen and extend its covering’s lifespan. Beautiful blooms adorn its aesthetic appeal as well.

This meat cleaver is ideal for cooking; as it features a Nenohi Honyaki Dentokougeishi Sakimaru Takobiki with a Travertine grip that will easily slice seafood or other dishes

#9. Lancet Ouroboros Knife – (Worth $5,500)

Lancet Ouroboros Knife - (Worth $5,500)

The Lancet Ouroboros is renowned for its serene aura. Crafted from William Henry knives with manual engraving; this sword features brass and 24-carat golden embellishments; as described by its designer. Constructed out of Hornets’ Nest Damascus Steel; it exudes timeless charm

The Lancet Ouroboros knife boasts an ergonomic pushbutton mechanism that can be operated with one hand. It has earned its legendary superior qualities and fine workmanship.

You’ll receive this item in a hardwood presentation box; wrapped in protective film. With each inscription; highlighting its value – $5,500 – you’ll quickly understand; why you’re paying this much money for it.

#10. YYoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki – (Worth $5,000)

YYoshihiro Mizuyaki Honyaki - (Worth $5,000)

The Hamon; a wave-like structure carved on the sword, was expertly created by Sakai; Japan’s top Yoshihiro blade craftsman.

Decorated in Fuki Urushi style to reflect the breathtaking Fuji Mountains at night with the new moon; it has been used by Japanese sword experts for more than a decade. A water buffalo horn pouch connects to an octagonal grip made of lacquered mulberry timber for easier grasping.

Thanks to the charcoal white iron used during machining operations on this knife, you can quickly turn salmon into sashimi thanks to its sharpened edge that will last long enough for extended use.

Bottom Line

Knives are beloved around the world and boast a long and storied tradition. These versatile tools can be used for food preparation, outdoor activities, as well as self-defense. Many people appreciate knives for their distinctive designs, fine craftsmanship, and historical relevance – making them popular collectible items to this day.

Knives may seem expensive, but their elevated components, customizability, craftsmanship, limited quantity, and brand awareness all help justify their cost. Owners and aficionados are willing to invest more in certain knife manufacturers and brands due to their stellar record for craftsmanship and effectiveness.

Knives symbolize history, practicality skillfulness, and individuality – there’s a blade for everyone whether you’re an accomplished cook, survivor, connoisseur or simply enjoy quality instruments.


What are the top three knives used in cooking?

Chef's knife, peeling knife and serrated knife are essential kitchen knives; other blades may facilitate and enhance culinary experiences but are not essential. The most essential tool you'll need for successful cooking is a chef's knife (also referred to as a cook's knife).

Which blade boasts the most tools?

The Wenger Giant is undisputedly the biggest Swiss Military knife in existence, packing 141 functionalities into just 87 tools.

Who invented the knife?

Homo sapiens first created blades during prehistoric times, which they used as tools, weapons and cutting implements. As of 2014, Oldowon is believed to be the earliest knife-like object ever discovered - it had been in use up to 2.5 million years prior.

What section of the blade is most powerful?

The heel, located nearest to your grip, is called "the heel." This area of the blade is highly durable and ideal for cutting through tough materials.

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