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IntelliResponse Adds Targeted Marketing to Virtual Agent Technology

By EnterpriseAppsToday.com Staff     Feedback

Personalized marketing offers help companies improve clicks and conversions across online customer service channels, company says.

IntelliResponse, a provider of enterprise virtual agent technology, has launched OFFERS, software that presents real-time, customized promotions to customers during a customer service interaction. After a customer asks a question online and receives an answer from a virtual agent, OFFERS delivers a relevant offer targeted to that customer's immediate needs.

According to the company, delivering offers during an encounter voluntarily initiated by a customer and combining it with an exchange of value – such as the answer to a question -- increases the odds of conversion and drives top-line revenue. It also builds trust with the customer by providing him with personalized information rather than unprompted marketing.

Using OFFERS, one of the the 10 largest banks in the U.S. increased its online conversion tenfold in an A/B test for cards, mortgages and accounts, according to IntelliResponse. Another top 10 bank experienced a 46 percent increase in click-throughs, a 17 percent increase in applications started and a 16 percent increase in applications completed after implementing OFFERS.

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While IntelliResponse did not release the names of the customers that experienced these results, its clients  include CIBC Bank, ING Direct, Charter Communications, Progress Energy, Copa Airlines, Penn State University, Yale University and Harvard University Extension School.

"Customer service is the new marketing," said David Lloyd, CEO of IntelliResponse, in a statement.  "With OFFERS, we are integrating CRM and marketing functions into a single streamlined and automated process. Our technology brings together two important parts of the enterprise that have often operated in isolation from one another, making each more effective and productive."  

OFFERS can be integrated into a company's existing CRM system so marketers can tweak targeting and campaigns. The software is currently available to IntelliResponse customers, within the self-service suite which includes the ANSWERS virtual agent solution and VOICES, a market research data visualization tool.


This article was originally published on May 1, 2014
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