FICO Bolsters Marketing Analytics Business with Entiera Buy

Wayne Kernochan

Updated · May 09, 2012

IBM’s recent acquisition of Tealeaf Technology, a maker of customer experience management and analytics software, signals a growing interest in using analytics technologies to perfect marketing campaigns, particularly by offering customers more personalized experiences across multiple channels.

FICO, an analytics provider probably best known for its products used for credit scoring and fraud detection, hopes to broaden its appeal to marketers by purchasing Entiera, a Denver-based company that provides an integrated software-as-a-service platform that combines structured and unstructured customer data and enables marketers to design and execute marketing campaigns across multiple channels, including social media.

The transaction has already closed, the companies announced, and terms are not being disclosed.

“When we look at the future of marketing, we see a need for marketers to more easily execute campaigns across channels and conduct dialogues with customers, driven by deeper insights into customer needs,” said Will Lansing, FICO’s CEO. “Combining our analytics with SaaS-delivered, multi-channel campaign management will give marketers a single platform to quickly design and execute next-generation marketing campaigns.”

Ted Ansusinha, CEO of Entiera, said in a statement that Entiera’s SaaS delivery model will make FICO’s marketing analytics, used primarily by big retailers like Sam’s Club, available to “a much wider market segment.”

FICO marketing solutions include FICO Precision Marketing Manager and FICO Retail Action Manager. Entiera’s core product is Entiera Insight.

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