ASO Optimization: Possibilities and Benefits for Users

Wayne Kernochan

Updated · Mar 02, 2024

ASO Optimization: Possibilities and Benefits for Users

Today, the majority of businesses actively advertise their goods and services in social network accounts, invest money and time in the development of their sites, and launch mobile applications. Most people have a basic understanding of how to work with the first two business promotion tools, but promoting mobile applications is a bit more complicated. After adding them to the Apple and Google app stores, the process often comes to a standstill place.

What are the next steps a business needs to take? How to take leadership positions in the competition for your audience? We have the answer: the next step is to connect to ASO with Netpeak Agency.

What is ASO, and What is Its Power?

To put it simply, App Store Optimization is a set of well-planned activities aimed at optimizing mobile applications so that they can get on TOP position in app store search. This is a continuous process that requires regular attention from a specialized specialist. In other words, ASO involves the ongoing work required throughout the life of a mobile application.

Search optimization of the apps is vital for their successful existence and demand in the audience. Here are its main benefits:

  • The search can boast significant volumes of traffic.
  • The so-called quality of users is at a high level.
  • ASO gives a chance to stand out among competing applications, entering the fight for the audience exclusively with a limited pool of applications (not spreading over the entire issue).

Even then, you need to make a lot of effort not only to place the application but also to be noticed by the audience. In addition, optimization allows you to reduce the cost of attracting traffic and increase profits due to the stable growth of downloads.

Features of ASO Improvement

To understand the essence of mobile app promotion, you need to know the ranking factors in the App Store and Google Play:

  • number of downloads and installations;
  • number of starts;
  • user ratings and reviews;
  • number of deletions.

The formula goes something like this: high rankings = app popularity + user satisfaction + keyword optimization.

Why ASO is so Important?

The importance of ASO as the search engine optimization of a mobile app is undeniable. However, the success of its application depends on several factors, for example:

  1. The categories of the offer and the market niche that is chosen for the program. Some apps require increased attention to basic search engine optimization and brand development, others – regular work on search engine optimization.
  2. Provision of a complex of various types of traffic: paid which affects the growth of positions in search and charts and organic which is positively affected by minimizing the total cost of traffic from each source.
  3. Setting up regular work.

If you want the mobile application you are launching to become successful and in demand among the audience, then get ready to trust a specialist and set yourself up for long-term work, because ASO with Netpeak US is not a one-time activity, but regular work on improving the positions in the app sales stores, constant analysis and rating.

The Difference Between Improving Apps in Google Play and App Store

The two largest platforms – Google Play and the App Store – have their own characteristics and optimization requirements. Let's consider how ASO in one marketplace differs from another.

ASO for Google Play

ASO in Google Play is more similar to classic SEO – it works with text, description and frequency of mentions. In both the App Store and Google Play, the name of the application can consist of 30 characters. It should contain keywords that the user can enter when searching for the desired program. The description and title affect the conversion rate in both stores.

Also, Google Play has additional tools like A/B tests and promotions that can be highlighted on the main screenshots.

ASO for App Store

For ASO in the App Store, you can use a strategy to increase visibility. This method involves optimizing the app’s page so that it can reach the top for a few key queries and gradually increasing the keyword number to hundreds or even thousands. ASO specialists constantly analyze the effectiveness of the changes made and quickly adapt the strategy.

In addition, the App Store indexing cycles are shorter—one to two weeks, after which you can draw conclusions and replace metadata. However, Apple has one unique feature—the metadata cannot be changed without updating the build. This means that to update the keywords or description, you need to download a new version of the program under a certain serial number.


How to achieve the most effective promotion? Combine paid and organic channels to reach a larger audience, or contact Netpeak Agency for help. And, of course, do not forget to analyze the effectiveness of promotion.

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