How Likes Affect Instagram Algorithm Performance in 2023

Wayne Kernochan

Updated · Apr 09, 2024

How Likes Affect Instagram Algorithm Performance in 2023

We can all agree that the algorithm works in ways that nobody know. There are regular changes and updates and if you don't stay on board, then your Instagram posts will simply not be visible to as many Instagram users. You see, you should be working to put the algorithm to work for you so that when you create Instagram content, it appears on other user's feed and explore pages regularly.

It's all about creating relevant content for your Instagram account, but also understanding the little things that help users feeds show your stuff. Read on to learn more about the algorithm in 2023 and discover ways that you can boost your feed algorithm!

How the Instagram Algorithm Works in 2023

The algorithm is always changing, so it's important to stay in the know. The challenges of making your feed posts more visible with Instagram's algorithm comes from understanding the factors that matter behind it. Engagement, such as likes and shares, are very important to let the algorithm work in your favor.

Many people are buying Instagram likes cheap from trusted providers to give themselves a boost in the right direction. We will talk more about methods like this later, but for now, let's look at the inner workings of Instagram's algorithm.

How the Instagram Algorithm Works

Feed Posts

Let's start with the feed and the feed posts you create as well as those you interact with. It works both ways. The Instagram feed is where a lot of the work happens. People make engaging content with their Instagram accounts and then those posts get likes, saves, shares, and comments that speaks to the page algorithm and tells is whether a post is popular or not.

The more likes that you get or give, the more this Instagram content climbs up the ladder, making the most of Instagram marketing.

This will affect you from your activity, but your likes and comments to others will also help the person who posted to begin with. You need likes on all social media platforms and Instagram takes likes very seriously. Instagram prioritizes your feed posting and interaction with other personal accounts above all of the other categories.

Consider your Instagram insights from the past few weeks. Are you getting much engagement through likes and other methods? If not, it's time to spruce up your approach. The algorithm is looking for specific triggers to help you get more likes as well. These triggers include the following:

  • Instagram captions
  • Use of relevant hashtags
  • Info about the post (likes, comments, type of post, etc.)
  • Info about those who posted (their connections to you)
  • Your target audience
  • The content you engage with the most

You see, it's not just about your post content. It's also about how you and other users interact together. The more users that engage with you, the better your ranking factors are.

In addition, social media managers need to be aware that user generated content should always be high quality content. The algorithm change looks for unique content, originality, watermarks, logos, and more when you create engaging content.

Stories Algorithm is a Different Algorithm

Creating stories using an audio track or even incorporating carousel posts is important too, but these fall into an entirely different category with how the algorithm works in recents years. The stories algorithm is specific to stories only.

The Instagram stories algorithm works by checking out your interaction history and your use of stories as well. It looks at the stories you create, the stories you view, and how you engage with various Instagram stories.

Instagram Explore Algorithm

The Explore page is another separate algorithm, but this is one that your likes and engagement will affect. Explore provides recommendations for things you might like based on your other activity. You want your content to show up on the Explore page algorithm, which means you need other users to engage with your content.

What shows up in your Explore page will depend on how you engage in Explore through likes, shares, and comments. Whether your content shows up for others here depends on getting likes, comments, and shares as well.

Instagram Reels

The reels algorithm operates very similarly to all of the other algorithms we've mentioned. It's just important to note that these are all separate. That means you want to be preparing and using content in each of these categories. Creating Instagram reels will be important here and just like posts, stories, and other content, you want to get likes, shares, and comments on your reels.

As you can see from these algorithm breakouts, likes are heavily weighted on the algorithm. You need them everywhere. Don't forget that you should also be liking and engaging on other content too.

The Value of Engagement

The algorithm looks heavily at engagement and likes are the easiest engagement to acquire. When IG is deciding who to show your content to, it looks at their history. It also looks at your history. The algorithm to match the right people with the right content.

Before it pushes a post into someone's feed or Explore page, it's going to look at whether they are likely to engage, whether they might want to save the post, and whether the post has a CTA that pulls further engagement.

This means that you want to ensure your content is created in such a way that you can hit each of these marks. Give people a CTA on every post, or nearly every post. Give them content they will like or engage with, and make it something they want to come back to. Even if you only hit one of these marks, it will work in your favor!

Tips to Make the Algorithm Work in Your Favor

Tips to Make the Algorithm Work in Your Favor

If you want to make the most of the algorithm in 2023, there are a few things that you can do to help. Creating quality content is a must, but you also need to understand how the info about the post you create will matter. Instagram's algorithms all connect together to find the best posts, but you can work this to your own purpose as well.

Check out these simple tips to help!

Use Relevant Hashtags

Hashtags are still important according to the community guidelines of Insta. However, you don't have to go overboard. Even if you just choose a few high-quality tags to add to your posting schedule, these will help categorize your posts and may help them show up to more people in your target realm.

Instagram makes things fall into categories as it looks at the overall use of social media. It's looking at the type of post you create, what it's about, and the type of audience that interacts with it. These details are what then determine who sees your posts through Instagram's algorithms.

Adding hashtags helps to ensure that your posts fall into the category you feel they fit best. It's a way to stand out among the masses.

Invest in Boosting Likes, Comments, and Engagement

We mentioned earlier that you can purchase likes and other types of engagement for social media. This is a helpful way to make your Instagram content rise up on the algorithm. Technically speaking, you want to get as many comments and likes as you can possibly get. When you purchase a likes package from a reliable provider, you are investing in your Instagram page and helping to improve the algorithm in your favor.

There are some things you want to pay attention to as you search for the best provider to purchase from. Always make sure that they provide authentic and real likes for you. This is very important to avoid breaking any rules with IG. In addition, look for security details, such as a secure checkout and not requiring your password or private data.

Look for tried and true providers with a positive reputation and options that best meet your needs. You want a provider that will deliver quickly with real likes and has affordable packages as well. You can add likes to video content, regular posts, stories, reels, and more. You can find plenty of other types of engagement to invest in too. It's all valuable.

Use IG Analytics

You can better understand the way the algorithm is working in your favor by paying attention to Instagram insights and analytics. This data is designed to help you know what is or is not working and how you can change or improve things along the way. If you study the data, you can see what posts get the best engagement with likes and what posts seem to bomb completely.

Check out what is working the best and scope the details in comparison to other posts. For example, did the time of day you posted make a difference? Maybe it was what your post was about that really drew people in. Perhaps you had an awesome video or graphic that day. These things matter. If you review the data and get to know the details, you can use this to your favor to improve and boost what works well.

Post Consistently Through Various Outlets

You need to be posting regularly for your audience. We know that the algorithm picks up on lapses in posting and it will harm where you stand. Make everything you post count, but make sure you are not taking long pauses between what you create and share.

We also recommend that you use all of the different outlets for posting, including regular feed, videos, stories, and reels. Since each of these areas have different algorithms, you want to boost where you stand in all of them. That means you need to actively participate in all of them for the best results.

That being said, don't just be all over the place with random content all the time. Focus your attention to quality and just make sure you are posting regularly through the various Instagram options. Consistency and quality are both important here.

A Business Profile Makes a Difference

One of the biggest factors in your engagement may happen from switching to a business profile. If your goal is to monetize, sell products, or create a business on IG, then you need a business profile. While Instagram claims that they treat every kind of profile the same, you will find that business profiles tend to get more traction.

It isn't necessarily because of the algorithm, but more the way that these profiles work and the way that you use them too. Plus, the business profile offers you so much more data and analytical tools to help you be more successful.

You can certainly stick with an individual profile if you prefer, but it might be worth considering a business profile to give you more tools and resources.

Instagram Algorithm FAQs

Instagram Algorithm Tips

Do Likes Really Help the Algorithm?

Yes! Likes and any other type of engagement are one of the most helpful details that can ensure your content gets seen by more people. Consider the algorithm almost like a popularity contest. The more likes you have, the more people get to see your content.

How Do Likes Work for the Algorithm on Instagram?

The algorithm is designed to look at different markers to determine success. These are called metrics. Likes are one of those metrics, which means they are one of the most valuable things you can take from a post. If you get more likes, the algorithm will make your post more visible to more people.

Which is More Important – Likes or Comments?

Both likes and comments are very important for the algorithm. It looks at total engagement. However, let's be realistic that likes are often much easier to get. Both of these things are measured as engagement so you want to see both on your content.

How Many Likes Do You Need on Instagram?

If you can get more than 5% of likes, that is ideal. Anything above 3.5% falls into the high engagement category and that will be amazing for you! If you can't quite achieve that number, then you want to make sure you get over 1% at a minimum. Anything beneath 1% likes is considered low engagement and won't help you out much.

Put Likes to Use for Success with the Insta Algorithm

There are many different factors that can impress the algorithm and likes is definitely one of them. You should be working hard to obtain likes and other forms of engagement, even if you choose to boost those numbers by buying likes. Follow these tips to help you increase engagement and get the most out of the algorithm.

Remember that success and improving your status with the algorithm takes consistency and dedication. Keep checking the data and keep working hard to fulfill the requirements of the algorithm so you can continue to rise to success. Your hard work will pay off when you do things right!

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