80+ Surprising Instagram Marketing Statistics That You Should Not Miss

Barry Elad

Updated · Oct 04, 2023

80+ Surprising Instagram Marketing Statistics That You Should Not Miss

Instagram Marketing Statistics: Looking for the latest Instagram statistics to improve and develop the best social media strategy? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Instagram founded in 2010 by Michel Krieger, experienced impressive growth and performance numbers. It is now known as the most popular social network around the globe with over 1.2 billion people. All thanks to Facebook's acquisition of the visual-sharing platform after two years of its launch. This merger compelled competitor Snapchat to accelerate its features to offer new options to compete with IGTV and InstaStories, in a bid to get more active users.

Instagram has become one of the most important and influential social platforms for brands and consumers. The growing number of users on the image-video-sharing platform continues to make it develop rapidly. Well with so many benefits, here comes the difficult thing- competing with hordes of other marketers, to expand your reach, engage with more active users, and generate more sales – Instagram marketing is now certainly tough.

Therefore, we are sharing some of the most important extensive Instagram statistics, trends, and facts that you should not miss by any chance. Around the world in 2023, overall social media platforms, Instagram is the 4th most used platform.

Fasten your belts as it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Following are the 60+ Instagram marketing statistics for 2022!

Important Instagram Marketing Statistics (Editor’s Choice)

#1. Instagram’s median engagement rate comes to 0.96% which is 13.5x higher than social giant Facebook posts and 27x higher than Twitter's tweets (As per Rival IQ's report).

#2. The best time to post on the image-video sharing platform is on Wednesdays at 11 a.m. or Fridays from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m. (As per Sprout Social's report).

#3. Instagram posts that contain faces, get 38% more likes than those without faces. (As per Georgia Tech).

#4. Instagram has seen exponential growth in its user base. As of 2023, they had more than 1.35 billion monthly active users (MAU) and by 2025, the platform announced the number was over 1.44 billion.

Instagram Marketing Users, Time Spent, and Age Statistics

(Source: statista.com)

#5. There are over 500 million daily active users (DAU) on Instagram worldwide.

#6. As of January 2023, a country with the most account holders is India (229.55 million), the USA (143.55 million), and then comes Brazil (113.5 million).

Whereas, other countries users are followed by Indonesia (89.15million), Turkey (48.65 million), Japan (45.7 million), Mexico (36.7 million), United Kingdom (28.75 million), Germany (27.45 million), Italy (26.2million), France (23.75 million), Argentina (23.4 million), Spain (21.9 million), South Korea (19.25 million), Colombia (17.75 million), Thailand (17.35), Canada (15.9 million), Egypt (15.35 million), and Iraq (14 million).

#7. Do you know that 4.2 billion likes are exchanged on a daily basis on this platform?

#8. The users on Instagram spend 53 minutes a day, compared to an average of 58 minutes per day on social giant Facebook

(Source: statista.com)

#9. If we talk about the age of users of Instagram, 71 percent of users are Millennials or Gen Z (under the age of 35 years old).

#10. 25–34-year-olds are the most present on Instagram, users falling under this category is 30.3%; and 30.8% in the 18-24 age group, 15.7% (35 – 44 years), 8.4% (45 – 54 years), 55 – 64 years (4.3%), and above 65 years (2.6%).

#11. IG is very popular amongst teens. As per the Piper Sandler survey, by 2023, around 25% of teenagers in the U.S. will use Instagram as one of their favorite social media platforms. However, this platform was beaten only by Snapchat and rising TikTok for gaining momentum amongst the teen group.

Instagram Users Activity

#12. As per Facebook IQ’s study, Instagram helps 80% of consumers decide before buying any product or service.

#13. As of 2023, in the Instagram platform around 35% of users are going to make purchases.

#14. As per a research study, it was found that Higher Education topped the list of industries on the platform when it comes to per-post engagement, the hitting rate was close to 3.57% (Rival IQ).

#14. A similar study also suggested that frequent posting and higher engagement are not proportional to each other, something which many users think to be.

#15. According to Business Insider, in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, and a few others, Instagram is currently testing the options to remove the counts and like buttons.

#16. Mention states that for every tagged user in an Instagram post, an additional 0.5-1 likes get added.

#17. A whopping 4.2 billion + likes happen on Instagram each day.

Instagram Video Statistics

Today, video content on Instagram has just blown through the roof. Do stories and video posts work better than images? Yes, and who says that, well it is about stats. The video content on Instagram works better than images on any given day.

#18. According to Instagram, the platform has seen a staggering 80% rise in the time an individual user spends watching videos. 2% of posts on Instagram are videos in 2023.

#19. A story from Mention stated that in the year 2020, images received more average likes and comments as compared to permanent video posts.

#20. Out of which the engagement rate is 2 times more on Instagram video posts.

#21. On the other hand, sponsored video receives 3 times more comments on the Instagram app.

#22. Video content will be used by 58% of digital marketers in 2023.

#23. The comments on the image posts were 106, while videos received 94 comments, and carousels had 82 comments.

#24. In 2023, on a regular basis, more than 1 million Instagram users watched live videos.

#25. The average engagement rate in video posts increased by using 23 emojis resulting in 4.95%.

#26. Around 60% of video stories on Instagram are being watched with sound on.

#27. As of 2023, on a daily basis, almost 1 billion Instagram users create video stories which is almost 40%.

Instagram Stories Statistics

Instagram stories are turning out to be the best tools to boost engagement today. The stories vanish after 24 hours hence users need to view them within 24 hours. These facts are backed by data that has proven that stories have become part of every major social marketing strategy.

#28. Digiday data states that 70% of Instagram users, in this case, millennials like to watch Stories on this platform on a daily basis with sounds on.

#29. Businesses lead the way when it comes to creating videos and 33% of the most viewed videos are created by such videos.

#30. On an average day, more than 500 million accounts view Stories on Instagram.

#31. For finding products and services Instagram stories helped 49% of Gen Z consumers.

#32. Instagram is used by 98% of fashion brands in 2023.

#33. As of 2023, around 86.6% of Instagram users post stories regularly

#34. Instagram stories have become the go-to option for influencers when it comes to sponsored campaigns with 55.4% using it.

#35. According to Mention, almost 15% to 25% of Instagram users swipe access to linked stories.

#36. Over 36% of businesses effectively use Stories on Instagram at least once a month to promote their business and add interactive elements such as hashtags, mentions, and poll questions.

Instagram Demographics Statistics

Demographics is another important that needs to be discussed when talking about interesting facts on Instagram. Instagram has over a billion users, spread across the world. Here are some interesting facts on the demographics side when talking about Instagram.

#37. Which country has the greatest number of active users on Instagram, if you were thinking ‘The US’ then you were right.

#38. Any thoughts on what age groups would make it to the most active list that would be the teenagers?

#39. According to Statista, if we talk about the countries with the highest number of registered users on Instagram, in India (229.55 million), the USA (143.55 million), and Brazil (113.5 million).

#40. Pew Research states that 37% of adults in America use Instagram.

#41. Another interesting fact from Pew Research mentions that an impressive 73% of teenagers in the USA use Instagram.

#42. In terms of age bracket, the largest age-based demographic group on Instagram users falls in the 25-34 age and makeup 22.5% of all users on this platform in the United States. In which male and female users resulted 16.4% and 14.8% respectively.

#43. Around the world in 2023, near about 17.6% of the population uses Instagram.

#44. On Instagram, location of users statistics are followed by Urban (46%), Suburban (35%), and Rural (21%).

#45. Instagram happens to be one of the most mobile-friendly platforms right now according to Statista, 29% of Instagram users use the platform on their mobiles.

Instagram Marketing Statistics

With so much talk about the interesting facts about Instagram, we should also cover the marketing aspects of this platform and how people/businesses have been using it to their benefit. It is very interesting to understand Instagram marketing benchmarks, trends, and the behavior of users. Instagram marketing stats show a great deal about traffic, leads, sales, and reach of their business.

#47. According to Instagram, the platform monthly boasts 35 billion active users.

#48. The average daily visits on all Instagram accounts are close to 60%.

#49. On any given day, 90% of people follow Instagram for business.

#50. Users on Instagram use it for interaction with content creators and 68% of users use it for the same.

#51. If you say Instagram is used by businesses then there must be people buying such products and services, interestingly 56% of US women use Instagram for shopping claiming it to be a hobby.

#52. 80% of users of the image-video sharing platform report having made a product purchase after noticing it on the app.

#53. A whopping 100 million plus photos and videos are shared on a daily basis on this social network (Omnicore says).

#54. More than 150 million people use the visual sharing app to communicate directly with a business each month. (As per Instagram)

#55. Of the total profiles on Instagram, more than 25 million are business profiles.

#56. On an average given day, there are more than 200 million users who visit one or more than one business profile.

#57. According to Social Media Examiner, there are 73% of marketers who are actively using Instagram to promote their business.

#58. Interestingly 9% of the total Instagram users have more than 50,000 followers.

#59. A substantial number of users have less than 1,000 users, these account for 35% of all users on Instagram.

#60. On an average of 1.5 times every day, businesses use Instagram to post about their products and services.

#61.  According to Vox, a US Android user spends 53 minutes daily on the app.

#62. The explore feature on Instagram is used by more than 50% of the users every month.

#63. Facebook remains the most famous platform among business owners, but Instagram ranks in the second spot.

#64. 67% of business owners increase and improvise their marketing strategy over a period of 12 months on Instagram.

Hashtags Statistics

Are hashtags a boon or bane when it comes to engagement on Instagram? If going by the trends and news, hashtags help accounts show up in the ‘Explore’ feature. However, is this theory supported by data, let us find out.

(Source: embedsocial.com)

#65. Surprisingly, research conducted by the Mention platform found that there is no relation between hashtags and engagement on a post.

#66. What could be the top 3 hashtags used on Instagram, any guess? These are #love with 2.1 billion usage, #instahood (1.6 billion), and #instagram (1.1 billion),

#67. Furthermore, other hashtags are followed by #art (1 billion), #photooftheday (1 billion), #photography (1 billion), #beautiful (823M), #picoftheday (720 million), #happy (698 million), and #follow (695 million).

#68. According to Omnicore, 70% of all hashtags used on Instagram are related to some or other kind of brand campaign.

#69. The Instagram post receives 29% more interaction with just one hashtag and at least 11 hashtags help in gaining 79% more interaction.

#70. Around 7/10 Instagram hashtags are known as brand hashtags in 2023.

#71. If thought that more hashtags mean more engagement, then you are wrong. More than six hashtags in a post can lead to decreased engagement.

#72. Any thoughts on which food item would be the most tagged on Instagram? Drum rolls… It is pizza (Telegraph).

Instagram Ads Vs. Facebook Ads

Marketing on Instagram is taking Facebook’s limelight. Read the following points to find out how the new baby of Facebook is becoming popular among people.

#73. The online marketing world is buzzing with Insta Ads and it has become the hottest property these days. Surprisingly, the new baby of Facebook has taken away all the spotlight FB had.

#74. IG Ads are the new trend in the online marketing world. It shouldn’t be a surprise as Instagram is stealing all time and attention away from social giants like Facebook. Well, considering the popularity of the new platform, advertisers need to go where they find their potential customers therefore chances are that they’re spending a lot of time on Instagram.

What Audience Does Instagram Have?

If you are wondering how to find the answer to this question, then check out these points:

#75. More than 2 million advertisers are currently active on Instagram (Information given by IG).

#76. Over 2 million Advertisers find Instagram a great place, that’s why they are active on it (Source of Information: Instagram).

Instagram CPC Statistics

Wonder what could be the CPC on the new famous platform? Here is the answer:

#77. On average the cost-per-click across Instagram ads is about $0.20-$2.00.

#78. In 2023, almost 25% of Smartphone users used Instagram

#79. CPC is more expensive for females than males on IG, says AdEspresso.

#80. iOS devices have the highest CPC (cost-per-click). (According to AdEspresso).

#81. Revenue from IG’s ads is expected to reach 30% of the social network Facebook’s total ad revenue by the end of 2020 (Vox).

#82. According to Social Media Examiner, 38% of marketers use IG’s ad platform on a regular basis.


As of today, after completing the statistics on Instagram Marketing it is clear that this social media basically helps in promoting businesses, services, brands, and products. The main goal of Instagram marketing is to enhance brand awareness, drive sales rate, engagement of more customers, and along with gaining more followers. As of 2023, the absolute worth of Instagram marketing includes more than 800 million monthly users. This article includes many important statistics described elaborately about Instagram marketing, which hopefully will help in gaining a better understanding.

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