MicroStrategy Offers Free SaaS-Based Business Intelligence Service

Vangie Beal

Updated · Oct 03, 2011

MicroStrategy (NASDAQ: MSTR) hopes to attract new users of its business intelligence software with the public beta launch of a SaaS-based business intelligence service.

Called MicroStrategy Cloud Personal, the business intelligence offering lets anyone upload data to the MicroStrategy Cloud to analyze it and then share insights gleaned with colleagues or friends.

Cloud Personal combines MicroStrategy Cloud, MicroStrategy Visual Insight, and MicroStrategy Mobile to provide any user with analytical insight that the company says has traditionally been reserved for trained analysts with specialized tools.

“MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is a new visualization service that allows business users to upload, analyze and share data in a matter of minutes, and is as easy to use as consumer-oriented photo sharing services,” said Sanju Bansal, MicroStrategy chief operating officer. “MicroStrategy Cloud Personal is a great step forward in helping business people and individuals to quickly gain insight from data, and share rich visualizations with colleagues or friends with just a few clicks.”

MicroStrategy Cloud Personal offers a number of features to make it easy to obtain BI data. For instance, users can view and share dashboards on the web or using the Apple iPad to answer business questions quickly and also spot trends, identify outliers and uncover insights that lay buried in Excel data.

You can email the dashboards to colleagues or publish them to an unlimited audience through Facebook, Twitter or blogs. Users have the option to choose which visualizations they wish to share and which ones remain private.

MicroStrategy Cloud security leverages data encryption, hardened network infrastructure and other technologies to secure user information for the Cloud Personal service.

Public data can also be used to analyze and share insights. For example, MicroStrategy Cloud Personal supports analyses of trend and statistical data available on public sites such as Data.gov, The World Bank, and the National Center for Education Statistics. Dashboards can be created using public data sets and share them.

Cloud Personal users are being encouraged to submit their most insightful visualizations to the MicroStrategy Cloud Personal Gallery, where the best dashboards will be available for public access. In an effort to boost public data sets, MicroStrategy is awarding a free Nespresso machine monthly to users submitting to the Cloud Personal Gallery.