Genesys Brings Customer Service to Salesforce Cloud

Drew Robb

Updated · Sep 19, 2012

Genesys, a provider of call center and customer experience software, joined the large group of companies making product announcements at this week’s Dreamforce event hosted by, introducing the Genesys Connect for Service Cloud customer service solution.

According to Genesys, the software is natively built on the Salesforce platform and thus leverages the Service Cloud user interface and administrative environment to ensure it is quick to deploy, easy to administer and simple to use. The combined solution provides an integrated user interface for agents and employees across the voice, social, Web and mobile customer channels.

Genesys Connect for Service Cloud also includes pre-defined templates for customer interaction routing, which can be configured with the click of a button.

Communicating with customers via multiple channels is becoming a must-have feature as consumers increase the number of channels they use to interact with companies. The Genesys product leverages several of six key call center trends mentioned in a recent article, including the ability to interact with customers via social and mobile channels and the growing importance of knowledge management in providing a good customer experience.

The Genesys and Salesforce partnership “brings together two strong leaders in the world of customer service at a time when the customer experience is increasingly becoming a part of competitive differentiation,” said Daniel Hong, lead analyst of Customer Experience & Interaction at Ovum research. 


Drew Robb
Drew Robb

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