Clari Intros Activity Analytics for Visibility into Sales Deals

Sean Michael

Updated · Sep 04, 2015

Nothing is more important to sales representatives and their managers than the progress of deals in the pipeline. Yet there has been a “significant blind spot” regarding those deals because of the limitations of traditional business intelligence and CRM tools, said Andy Byrne, CEO of Clari, a provider of sales productivity software that counts Cisco, Juniper Networks and Box among its clients.

This week Clari rolled out Activity Analytics, a predictive sales analytics solution designed to offer visibility into deal progress by collecting and analyzing data from multiple sources including email, calendar, and call center systems.

The solution is built on a patent-pending technology called the Predictive Services Layer, according to the company. It collects and tracks information gleaned from emails, meetings and files, across both Microsoft Exchange and Gmail environments. This removes the need for sales rep to manually enter data into CRM systems.

It gives managers insight into the progress of sales teams and individual sales reps and offers both historical and real-time views into customer engagement. It scores the likelihood of deals closing or slipping behind schedule, so managers can prioritize actions on deals that affect the ability to meet numbers for the quarter.

New features include interactive Deal Execution Views, which map out end-to-end activity on every deal, and executive dashboard components such as activity quadrants and activity trending.

The software aims to expose at-risk deals, assess customer interest and help managers improve their forecast accuracy. Because it analyzes years of sales data and activity, it can offer recommendations to move deals forward based on historic activity.

Tad Travis and Todd Berkowitz, both research directors at Gartner, said predictive software is valuable to sales because it does not need to integrate with a data warehouse or rely on a particular business intelligence platform. In addition, it provides rapid time-to-value because “end users only have to consume the outputs of the model.”

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