Salesforce Launches Enterprise Social Marketing Cloud Suite

Vangie Beal

Updated · Dec 01, 2011 (NYSE: CRM) is extending the social enterprise to marketing with the release of its Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud.

The new Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud offers enterprises new features in social monitoring, insights, engagement, workflow and websites can help social enterprises turn millions of social conversations about their products, brand and industry into engagements to strengthen customer relationships.

According to the CRM leader, there are millions of Facebook updates, tweets, and billions of YouTube views every day, and the Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud offers five social marketing tools to help social enterprises transform the massive volume of these types of social media conversations into meaningful engagements.

– Social Monitoring: Companies can monitor on a social scale by capturing 150 million sources of social media conversations across the web including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, blogs, online communities and more.

– Social Insights: Radian6 Social Insights provide intelligent dashboards and sophisticated analytics to filter through social noise to identify relevant conversations and perform marketing campaign analysis. Social Insights provides an additional level of information like demographics, influence, geolocation, sentiment and topic categorization to conversations.

– Social Engagement: Companies can engage with customers directly where the conversation is taking place. New add-ons include the ability to see Trending Topics from Twitter, statistics to determine the reach of shared links and more.

– Social Workflow: The Radian6 Social Hub lets companies organize massive amounts of social media conversations by applying sophisticated analysis and rules to route relevant social content for quick engagement and response. Social Hub now populates social customer profiles to help marketers.

– Social Websites: Siteforce lets marketing organizations to quickly and easily build socially rich websites to engage with customers and prospects. Using a drag and drop studio, marketers can build, edit and publish websites, without any help from IT to engage with customers by adding social features like Twitter streams, Facebook likes and more. 

“Social media is the single biggest change in marketing in the last decade. Social enterprises recognize that social media provides real-time opportunities to delight customers and prospects. The Radian6 Social Marketing Cloud will enable every company to be at the forefront of this exciting industry shift,” said Marcel LeBrun, SVP and GM for Salesforce Radian6.

Radian6 is now natively integrated with Salesforce, across the full suite of Salesforce apps and platform and is generally available today for customers, starting at $600 USD per deployment, per month. Radian6 Social Hub is available in a limited release and Radian6 Social Insights is currently scheduled to be available in December 2011.

In other news, Salesforce also unveiled a new mobile app exchange, which the company revealed in a blog post.

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