7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Virtual Meetings

Barry Elad

Updated · Jun 12, 2023

7 Tips for Making the Most Out of Your Virtual Meetings

Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in meetings being held online. The world has shifted from traditional to virtual meetings, changing the business landscape completely.

Whether brainstorming ideas with co-workers or working with international clients, online meetings have become an indispensable part of our lives. Not only are they convenient, but they are also cost-effective and time-saving.

However, to run and participate successfully in such meetings, one must understand the nuances and practices of this new mode of communication.

In this article, we will take you through the most amazing tips and strategies to make your way through virtual meetings and master them!

Set an Agenda

Effective virtual meetings rely on proper planning and organization, which can be done by setting a structured agenda. This allows the audience to equip themselves with prior knowledge on the subject and gives them time to prepare for questions and queries.

A compelling agenda serves as a roadmap for the session and ensures that the meeting does not sway away from the core topic of discussion. It also provides the attendees with a sense of shared accountability and knowledge, fostering a more engaging dialogue.

Dress Formally and Neatly

We often treat online meetings as informal and casual and prefer to be in our sweatpants while virtually pitching strategies, speaking with clients, or reviewing the performances of our teams.

Here you must remember that despite our usual environment, it is crucial to dress formally and appropriately, as how we present ourselves can make or break deals.

For instance, imagine yourself as an investor negotiating a pitch deal with a startup owner. The latter is sloppily dressed with messy hair and an ungroomed face, wearing a casual t-shirt. Even if his ideas were great, you would still consider multiple times about your decision before giving him an investment.

Therefore, being dressed neatly and appropriately gives us an edge to present ourselves in the best manner and helps convey the message as it is intended.

Follow Speaking Etiquettes

We all hate it when somebody cross-talks or speaks over us when presenting our ideas, isn’t it? It can be a massive problem in virtual meetings and can obstruct the effectiveness of the discussion and disrupt the flow of ideas.

However, this issue can be resolved with proper speaking behavior and a disciplined code of conduct. One of the most vital etiquettes includes actively listening to other participants and refraining from passing viewpoints amidst their conversations. By patiently hearing out others and sharing your thoughts only on your turn, you show regard towards them and maintain your integrity.

Meeting hosts must also share a protocol beforehand and ensure that all participants adhere to the guidelines. By setting expectations priorly, a more collaborative and respectful online environment can also be created.

Choose a Clean and Simple Background

When picking a location for your virtual meeting, consider a plain wall or an uncluttered background to ensure that the eyes of the audience stay on you rather than on the surroundings. Remove anything unprofessional or inappropriate from the background, such as posters or pictures.

You must also avoid rooms with poor lighting and ensure your face can be seen on screen by testing it before the final meeting. Make sure not to take calls from noisy environments or in rooms where family members could walk in, as it could seem unprofessional.

Harness the Power of Visual Aids

Virtual meetings can get boring and lose their momentum after a certain point. However, you can break the ice by incorporating stunning graphics in your presentations.

Use features such as screen sharing and lead the meeting with the help of creative visuals that can boost interaction and keep the audience active.

However, if you feel that crafting visuals from scratch is tiresome, you can harness the power of expert-designed presentation templates and customize them as per your requirements.

For instance, if you want to present numerical or statistical information, you can enter your data and create mind-blowing graphics in the blink of an eye. Customize the colors and fonts according to your brand palette, and you are ready!

Be on Time

Punctuality is the core pillar of professionalism and showcases your sincerity and dedication toward the session. Being on time is essential for a smooth meeting, whether you are the speaker or the participant. It displays your respect towards other people’s time and schedules and increases your credibility in the business world.

Thus, you can join the meeting a few minutes before the given time to ensure no delays. It can also help you familiarize yourself with the meeting platform and arrange your gadgets accordingly.

However, if you are late due to unforeseen circumstances, make sure that you inform the host at least a day before the meeting and apologize for the inconvenience.

Test Your Technology

Imagine that you have been preparing for a meeting for a long time, and this could be your breakthrough session. However, as you try to participate, you realize your microphone isn’t working, and your camera displays blurry footage. Isn’t it the worst nightmare ever? Of course, it is.

Thus, running a mock trial and checking each device before your meeting is extremely necessary. Ensure your microphone transmits quality audio and your camera is clean and running well. You must also check if your laptop or device is compatible with the meeting platform and that you have a consistent internet connection with ample bandwidth.


Virtual meetings have gone from being temporary solutions to being permanent assets. They have become a tool for navigating businesses in an ever-changing landscape. Their convenience and accessibility allow us to communicate seamlessly and make effective decisions by collaborating without restrictions. Thus, the next time you’re hosting or participating in a virtual meeting, remember the above-mentioned tips to ace it!

Barry Elad
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