A Holistic Approach to Social CRM Strategy

Mark J

Updated · Nov 02, 2010

P&G may be the only company with a holistic social CRM strategy – yet it doesn't call it SCRM. In this report on My Customer, Paul Greenberg explains what can be learned from what P&G is doing.

“1. Customer communities – They are using their homegrown social networks such as Vocalpoint, a network of 600,000 mothers, who each have their own mom's network of about 25 or more, to engage the moms in providing key customer feedback for products they are putting on the market. Each mom (theoretically) gets samples of the product that they give to their personal network in a natural environment, and then they get feedback. Benefits: customer engagement, marketing reach; product co-creation and feedback.

“2. Social marketing – Case in point is their antiperspirant, Secret Sparklebody Spray, which was expressly designed for teens. Back in 2005, they released the product in an entirely non-traditional way, by building social websites that engaged the targeted customer base – 13-15 year old girls. Within two months of the website launch, they had 12,000 registered members, a.k.a. customers-in-the-wings, who spent an average of 25 minutes per visit on the site. That led to an 0.1% market share for the entire antiperspirant market within five months of product launch – $84 million US. Benefits: Direct revenue benefit attributable to cost-effective social marketing campaigns and locations.”

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