A Look at CRM Communication Channels

Mark J

Updated · Feb 23, 2011

Communication is the key to the success of customer relationship management and, according to CRM Buyer, it lays the foundation for customer satisfaction and business growth. This CRM communication evolution article offers in-depth details on different types of communication channels and how to reach out to prospective customers.

“Technology advancements have progressively taken customer communication from in-person meetings/events, to phone calls, emails, SMS/MMS, video conferencing, blogs, and recently to social networks.

“Today, social networks are really changing the face of customer communication, as it reaches a larger audience through wide networks of friends and followers. A good brand/product/service, when offered through social networks, receives positive feedback; on the other hand, if it is not good, it receives severe criticism.

“Both positive and negative feedback spread quickly through social networks to a larger prospective customer base that can influence purchase decisions either in favor or against an organization.”

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