Acxiom Partners with Return Path for Email Deliverability Staff

Updated · Jun 29, 2010

Acxiom Corporation has announced a new partnership with Return Path. Under the partnership, the company will integrate Return Path's advanced email deliverability tools into the Acxiom Impact-X Email solution suite.
According to the recent press release, Acxiom will work closely with Return Path to ensure that its clients continue to benefit from Acxiom's history of optimal inbox placement.

“‘Our data shows that Acxiom Impact-Xalready outperforms the industry average inbox placement by as much as 10 percentage points,' said George Bilbrey, co-founder, President, Return Path. ‘With this new install, Acxiom is seeding all of its outbound campaigns so it can monitor inbox placement rates (IPR) at a very granular level, which places them in an elite and forward-thinking position among the top Email Service Providers in the market today. We are very pleased to team up with Acxiom to continue their leadership by ensuring that legitimate email makes it to the inbox. By continuing to optimize based on inbox placement rates, rather than just relying on bounce rates, Return Path and Acxiom are empowering marketers to improve the inbox experience for subscribers everywhere.'

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