Akamai Selects Callbutton to Increase Sales

internetnews.com Staff

Updated · Sep 19, 2001

Web interaction software provider, Callbutton LLC announced today that Akamai Technologies Inc. (NASDAQ:AKAM), a provider of distributed application and content delivery services, will use Callbutton’s fully hosted Web interactive application to help increase sales.

The application enables firms to interact one-on-one with potential and current online customers, as well as manage and track that process. According to Akamai, implementing the Callbutton solution on its Web site lets visitors gain quick access to an Akamai sales representative and so far results have been positive: “Since incorporating this capability, we’ve experienced a significant increase in the volume of incoming calls.” Says Lara Bashkoff, director of Akamai Online Services.”The Callbutton functionality is proving to be an effective component of our program,” she adds.

Akamai’s Web site visitors in need of sales assistance can use the Callbutton technology by clicking on the icon displayed on the appropriate Web pages. They are then asked for their name and phone number, and based on information gathered from the Web, Callbutton immediately routes the call to the assigned Akamai sales team via a Callbutton connection. Akamai can then respond to the online customer on the phone.

Callbutton also provides information about the sales process. All call requests are logged and reported, which enables sales representatives to follow up on sales leads with information about the particular Akamai offerings that prompted the visitor to call.

“We intelligently route sales calls, give instant alerts for all parties involved and provide real-time sales tracking and reporting,” says Mike Markette, president and CEO of Callbutton. “Callbutton technology helps turn simple Web site inquiries into sales for companies like Akamai that have a series of service offerings and a global sales force,” he finishes.

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