Alauras Software Adds CRM to Apple iPad

Paul Ferrill

Updated · Aug 16, 2010

Alauras Software has unveiled the latest version of its CRM software, boosting sales force automation capabilities and adding full online compatibility with Apple's (NASDAQ: AAPL) iPad.

The Virginia-based company's Yellow Page CRM+ initially focused on specific solutions for Yellow Page publishers, hence its name, but it now supports “a variety of other print and online media,” according to the company's website. The company's focus is the advertising and publishing industries.

Version 7.0 of Yellow Page CRM+ offers improved reporting and eContract automation, new customer service functionality and support for the Apple iPad.

Version 7.0 will be offered without any price increase, while the iPad module will be offered at a “slight premium,” the company said.

The iPad module enables Apple's touch screen device to complete presentations, monitor customer service requests and execute contracts. Video presentations for clients can be managed and signatures can be done on the touch screen by using your fingertip or a Mac-based stylus.

Alauras founder Richard Sloop said the company is “seeing a huge response for the iPad for business. We mostly service Yellow Page publishers with our software products, and the iPad solves several nagging issues they have struggled with for some time.”

Laptops can be an impediment on sales calls, Sloop noted. “SME prospects respond with hesitation as the laptop comes out of the briefcase, anticipating a major time commitment,” he told eCRMguide. “The iPad is quick to start and easy to use. A plumber who has a sales meeting while he is in the field is much more receptive.”

The iPad also offers less weight and complexity for sales reps, and also offers what Sloop calls “the wow factor.”

“Currently the device has major impact on engaging the prospect,” he said. “It's still new, exciting, and that impact is [a] very positive effect on the sales call. One rep indicated that the prospect wanted to execute the contract to see how it would be done on the iPad. Absolutely a unique occurrence, but one that indicates the general interest in the technology. Finally, our clients feel that the use of the iPad and the CRM together are creating additional efficiencies and speeding the sales process.”

While Sloop's comments were mainly about Yellow Page customers, he added, “We also service ad agencies and some packaging companies, but I don't have much info from that segment yet.”

Alauras said two publishers are participating in a closed test of the software, which will be completed next week. The company quoted a participant as saying, “The Alauras CRM on the iPad offers the efficiency we need, and is proving it creates a speedy and extremely compelling sales experience.”

Alauras CEO Vladimir Miloserdov stated that version 7.0 “is exceedingly flexible and can be used cross-platform with any publishing system utilizing contemporary databases. It's expected for Alauras to be among the first to enable the iPad for the yellow page industry, continuing to prove Alauras' commitment to innovation for industry at large.”

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