ASD Launches Business Intelligence Insurance Solution

Mark J

Updated · Jun 10, 2010

Advanced System Designs (ASD) has announced the launch of its business intelligence (BI) solution, developed specifically for the insurance industry. In
the product release statement on the company's website, ASD said that the BI Express Insurance Solution is a complete offering that drives data from an API through to scorecards, dashboards and reports.

“The ASD solution helps insurance companies address complex business issues and gain deep insight into their performance and profitability by transforming complex transactional data into focused, relevant, information for business analysis. The BI Express Insurance Solution that ASD brings to the marketplace is rich in content with hundreds of insurance specific metrics. The solution puts reliable information in the hands of executives, underwriters, marketing and claims managers, and others to effectively manage pricing, rating, loss predicting, reserve setting, claims handling, distribution channels and more.”

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