Aspect Ends CRM Drought Staff

Updated · Feb 11, 2002

Florida Water will implement solutions from Aspect Communications Corporation in an effort to improve service to the customers in 120 communities and 27 counties that utilize the 15 billion gallons of fresh water it provides each year.

“We used the Aspect Contact Server, the Aspect Call Center and Aspect’s reporting features to improve customer service and reduce overhead,” said Florida Water’s Kelly Childers, director of customer relations. “Aspect’s solution had an immediate, positive impact on our contact center operations. The time savings per interaction have lowered our overhead costs and improved our contact center response times without increasing staff level. We’ve also improved the quality of our response because customers are connected more quickly to representatives who have the information needed to provide accurate and rapid service.”

Formerly known as the Aspect Customer Relationship Portal, the Aspect Contact Server seamlessly integrates CRM resources, provides an easy-to-use graphic interface for quickly developing complex CRM applications, and makes real-time information available to anyone in the enterprise. The application will serve as the platform that evaluates all incoming customer contacts and connects them to the most appropriate Florida Water resource. Florida Water defines the business rules to direct information gathering and data distribution.

Aspect Call Center is a flexible, scalable system that can process up to 100,000 inbound and outbound calls an hour, route calls according to agent skills, simultaneously queue calls across multiple sites, and provide tools for reporting real-time and historical data.

The applications are coupled with the reporting capabilities of Aspect’s solution, enabling Florida Water to better train its employees and modify its business processes for handling customer contacts. Florida Water also plans to deploy an Aspect solution that will handle all interactions including voice, Web and e-mail contacts.

“Florida Water’s executive staff understands the benefits of providing exceptional customer service,” said David Puglia, Aspect’s senior vice president of global marketing. “Florida Water’s highly trained representatives and Aspect’s solutions have allowed Florida Water to streamline the contact center’s operations, which in turn has created greater customer loyalty and higher customer and employee satisfaction.”

Headquartered in San Jose, Calif., Aspect Communications Corporation provides business communications solutions that help companies improve customer satisfaction with more than 7,600 implementations deployed worldwide.

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