Axia Revises Checklists for Accounting, CRM Systems

Mark J

Updated · Apr 27, 2010

Axia has announced the release of their Revised Version Accounting, CRM, HR and Payroll Systems Requirements RFI/RFP Checklists. According to this PR Log report, Checklists provide a fast, accurate and structured approach to creating RFI’s, RFP’s for new systems.

“The revised Checklists list 3450+ Accounting functions, 2120+ CRM functions, 2020+ HR functions, 1290+ Payroll functions, plus each also contains 260+ business analysis and overview criteria, and 840+ system wide, operations, technology and support criteria.

“The Checklists are written in MS Excel for fast amendment and tailoring to users precise needs. They are totally impartial and independent of software packages and vendors.”

Read the Full Story at PR Log

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