Backupify Offers ‘Snapshots,’ Piece of Mind for Data

Ann All

Updated · Mar 02, 2012

Cloud-based backup service provider Backupify has introduced Snapshot for Salesforce CRM, a one-time backup and download service for a CRM account.

It’s not surprising that Backupify, which offers similar services for Google Apps data and for information contained in web applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Picasa, has turned its attention to, given the CRM provider’s client roster of more than 100,000 organizations.

Backupify’s service is designed to protect against data loss and corruption due to user error or third-party application integration. According to Backupify, the service allows administrators to restore a Salesforce account in a matter of minutes. The service also enables admins to obtain complete downloads of Salesforce accounts, including all attachments and critical data objects, any time they want.

A post on the company blog notes that Snapshot for Salesforce CRM offers “export flexibility above and beyond what is available from Salesforce itself.” For instance, users can select any object type for export, capturing the exact data needed in a single download, and then export a different object set later the same day. Snapshot also shows how many objects of each type are in a Salesforce account, saving users the trouble of downloading “empty” data types.

The Snapshot service is currently in beta. During beta it will be available only to Salesforce Unlimited and Salesforce Enterprise subscribers, but Backupify says it plans to open access to all Salesforce users soon.

You can sign up for beta access to Snapshot for Salesforce CRM on the company’s website. The first download is free. During the beta, users can also request additional free downloads. The blog post reassures users they shouldn’t worry about exhausting Salesforce API limits; Backupify caps daily Snapshot API calls to protect Salesforce access.

Later this quarter, Backupify plans to launch a full Salesforce CRM backup service, which will provide increased data management capabilities for businesses moving data to the cloud, including regularly scheduled automated backups. With the full Salesforce backup, admins will no longer need to perform manually intensive backup processes.

The full service offering will also make backed-up data readily available for search and retrieval. And Salesforce CRM backup will yield cost savings by eliminating the need for companies to purchase added data storage.

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