Bantam Live Offers Social CRM App on Google Apps Marketplace

Mark J

Updated · Jul 16, 2010

Bantam Live has announced it has added its Social CRM app to the Google Apps Marketplace. Using single sign-on and Google Apps integrations, Bantam Live users can track their contacts, prospects and deals and organize tasks and projects with ease.
According to the company in this Business Wire news release, Social CRM features within Bantam Live allow users to search, engage, and aggregate contacts across the social web and collaborate as a team within the real-time activity stream of a customized Bantam Live account.

“Bantam Live provides a social CRM workspace for business teams to collaborate internally and build relationships across the web. For business team users, Bantam Live now includes easy single sign-on, simple Google Contacts importing, shared Google Calendars, easy Google Docs attachments, and Google Maps links based on contacts' addresses. By integrating Bantam Live with Google Apps, business teams now have a single place to manage their contacts, track their business activity, and connect to the social web.”

Read the Full News Release at Business Wire

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