Bantam Releases CRM for Twitter Module

Mark J

Updated · Oct 05, 2010

Bantam Live has released a new module to help small businesses find, connect, and track relationships with contacts and customers on Twitter. Developed with Twitter’s API, according to the company in this TMC article, the new full-featured Twitter client integrates contact profiles and tweet content with contact management, CRM, and team collaboration in the activity stream-based web software of Bantam Live.

“The availability of the new Twitter client was recently announced – tweeted – by a Bantam Live customer and savvy CRM user, Jeb Blount, author of ‘People Buy You’ and CEO of, a sales website. Twitter users signing up via the tweet – now linked to on the Bantam Live homepage – will get a 30-day free trial of Bantam Live and also a receive a discount promocode if they choose to subscribe to the service after the free trial.”

Read the Full Story at TMC

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