Birst, Tableau in Business Intelligence Partnership

Sean Michael

Updated · Apr 15, 2015

Cloud analytics provider Birst last spring released a data visualization tool called Birst Visualizer. So it seems a bit strange that today the company announced a partnership with data visualization specialist Tableau Software in which Birst’s data extraction and unification technology will be integrated with Tableau’s data visualization software via an ODBC connector.

Partnerships involving companies with competing solutions is not uncommon in the fast-changing business intelligence market, said Jay Larson, Birst’s CEO.

Birst, which a few weeks ago raised $65 million in a funding round, and Tableau are two of many companies that hope to win customers from larger business intelligence competitors like SAP, IBM and Oracle.

“In an era where legacy BI vendors are losing ground, you have two forward-thinking technology companies like Birst and Tableau, typically seen as competitors, now working together to help more people make better decisions with data,”  Larson said in a statement, adding, “The reality is that Birst’s and Tableau’s technologies are much more complementary than competitive, and we’re thrilled about this unique opportunity to work with Tableau to deliver analytics to everyone, from developers to data analysts to business users… .”

The data connector is available at no charge to customers of both Birst and Tableau.

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