BonitaSoft Open Source BPM 5.5 Adds Social and Collaboration Features

Vangie Beal

Updated · May 26, 2011

Open source business process management (BPM) provider BonitaSoft has announced some significant upgrades for its new version 5.5 release.

Bonita Open Solution (BOS) 5.5 includes many upgrades that were the result of feedback from the company’s 5,500 community users and 150 customers and are designed to assist with developing, testing and managing BPM applications.

“This release takes Bonita Open Solution to the next level in terms of maturity and flexibility,” BonitaSoft CEO Miguel Valdes Faura said in a statement. “We offer our users plenty of choices not only by continuously improving our ability to connect to external software, but also by providing the ability to easily create more powerful, custom-built BPM applications.”

New in BOS version 5.5 is a content repository to enable document management within processes and integration of xCMIS, an implementation of the Content Management Interoperability Specification (CMIS) from eXo. For more advanced content management, including social and collaboration features, BonitaSoft said customers can easily plug into the eXo Platform for Bonita. According to BonitaSoft, by integrating this open standard, it guarantees interoperability with any content management system adhering to CMIS.

BOS 5.5 incorporates decision tables, allowing users to define their business rules without relying on an external system or having to hard code it. To accommodate wide-ranging customer requirements, a variety of partner options remain available, including Extentech’s Sheetster connector to access, create and maintain spreadsheet-based business rules, as well as the connector to the Drools business rules engine.

Other notable improvements in BOS 5.5 include more advanced download bundles, improved collaboration features, complex forms building and enhanced support of BPMN 2.0 standard notation.

A new commercial add-on option for BOS 5.5 also provides customers with the ability to add and manage documents attached to processes, document versioning, and administration features such as search and filter.


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