BrainTech To Provide Manufacturing With e-Customer Support Staff

Updated · Dec 14, 2000

North Vancouver, B.C.–BrainTech Inc. reports that it has signed a Product Marketing
Agreement with Sideware Systems Inc. establishing BrainTech as a value added reseller for
Sideware’s e- Customer Relationship Management (e-CRM) product suite.

Since 1999, BrainTech has successfully utilized Sideware’s e-CRM product
for providing “live” online service to customers that visit its web site at As an authorized Sideware Partner, BrainTech plans to
introduce e-CRM providing “just-in-time” Internet support for the
manufacturing industry.

BrainTech’s CEO, Owen Jones, says “Through our alliance agreement with robotics giant
ABB Flexible Automation, BrainTech’s machine vision technology is building credibility
within the manufacturing industry. ABB has emphasized that our machine vision
systems must be of high quality and we must provide exceptional technical
service and support. To date, we have successfully integrated several of our
application specific machine vision systems with ABB robots for automotive
industry suppliers. Keeping in mind ABB’s emphasis on service and support, we
are expanding our solution to include Internet based service and support for
industrial manufacturing systems. The principal components of the system
include; Sideware’s e-CRM suite and ‘Bluetooth’ wireless devices.”

Jones adds that, “My past involvement with Sideware provides me
with a great appreciation for the power and potential of Sideware’s e-CRM
product. Initially, we’ll use it to help establish BrainTech’s good name when
it comes to service. Further out, I see the Manufacturing Industry adopting
Internet based support as a standard and that will be fantastic for Sideware.”

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