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Updated · Mar 18, 2011

Infor announced it will expand its engineering organization by hiring approximately 400 additional software developers, after a successful Q3. In a press release on the company website, Infor announced it will immediately begin to recruit development staff, with plans to complete the expansion before the end of 2011. Moving forward, the innovation focus will be on both Infor’s core industry specific applications and on Infor’s best in class cross-industry applications.
This announcement comes on the heels of

Infor making a bid to acquire
ERP rival Lawson Software (NASDAQ: LWSN).

“’Our third quarter results have put us in a strong position for our second half, and we saw great performance on both the top and bottom lines for the quarter’ said Stephan Scholl, executive vice president of global field operations. ‘Our license growth of 17 percent and increased cash operating margins of 24 percent1 demonstrates the strength of the momentum we are seeing. Strong revenue performance and improved operational efficiency has increased our operating margins and generated cash flow beyond our targets for the quarter. The improved margins, along with further improvements in operating efficiencies, will fund the additional investment in product development.’”

Read the Full News Release at Infor

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