Business Intelligence In The Cloud

Mark J

Updated · Nov 05, 2010

Business intelligence (BI) and analytics in the cloud is a fast growing market according to recent IDC research. In this TMCnet interview, Karl Van den Bergh, vice president of product strategy at Jaspersoft, said that there is a significant shift to a cloud hosting infrastructure is due to the exorbitant costs associated with maintenance and general upkeep of an on-premise infrastructure made up of bloated proprietary suites.

“Jaspersoft's strength lies in its core offering, namely a BI platform that acts as general framework that is able to accommodate any data model that a customer might need. Our SaaS ISV and SI partners then customize this platform to deliver a complete BI solution that is able to bridge that last mile of customer needs. Traditional SaaS BI vendors haven't realized this and continue to try to sell their BI platform directly to end users — which misses this last mile. Those that have survived (and some like LucidEra haven't) end up having to provide these vertical or functional customizations themselves which limits their ability to scale their business.”

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