C9 App Unifies Salesforce.com, Marketo Sales Data

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Updated · Mar 31, 2014

C9, a provider of predictive sales and marketing applications, has unrolled LeadMap for Marketo, an app that gives marketing and sales organizations an end-to-end view of sales pipelines.  By merging Marketo and SalesForce.com data to create a unified view of a sales pipeline, companies can address questions that often go unanswered, such as how much revenue did marketing drive that was not explicitly linked to campaigns. 

According to the company, the app allows users to traverse the entire pipe from lead inception to opportunity close, offering a new level of visibility and insights.  Companies can now identify which campaigns can be paired to deliver higher ROI, determine how marketing should engage in late stage opportunities to improve close rates and refine marketing plans to better support geography, product or account-based sales targets.  C9’s patent-pending predictive analytics engine allows users to move easily from historical analyses to forward-looking projections.

“The challenge with Marketo and Salesforce.com is that the two systems present different data from totally different perspectives.  C9 LeadMap for Marketo is the first solution we’ve seen that delivers a single comprehensive view of what’s going on in the pipeline,” said Mo Vafadar, director of Global Business Intelligence and Operational Readiness at C9 client Acronis.  “That’s a game changer that we think will have a major impact on how sales and marketing collaborate to deliver revenue.”

Among the software’s key capabilities:

Multi-touch Program ROI. Analyzes full set of marketing interactions to determine which series of campaigns worked best together.  Based on this analysis, marketers can develop programs with higher returns.

Lead Coverage. With visibility into early-stage leads stored in Marketo, as well as sales territory definitions stored in Salesforce.com, the C9 LeadMap for Marketo can visually map marketing leads to sales hierarchies.  Sales and marketing can then flag lead coverage gaps and align around target geographies, products and accounts.  

Marketing Influence. Because C9 has full visibility into Marketo and Salesforce.com, it can identify the full set of deals that marketing has influenced regardless of its explicit association to campaigns, resulting in a more accurate analysis of marketing’s impact and better future marketing decisions.

Lead to Revenue Projection. C9’s patent-pending predictive sales engine combines early stage lead information with opportunity data to determine which deals will close before they advance to the finals stages of the sales process.  It also determines the number of leads needed to hit revenue targets and the projected revenue that current lead volumes will support. 

Lead Progression Analysis. Marketers can immediately determine how many new leads were generated in a given time period, which progressed, stalled and which moved backwards. They can also zero in on MQLs (marketing qualified leads) that haven’t been worked by sales and request immediate action.

C9’s clients include Yahoo! Pitney Bowes and Google.


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