CDC Launches Social CRM 6.0

Mark J

Updated · Jun 25, 2010

CDC Software Corporation has recently announced availability of CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0, the company’s new application that provides integration with popular social media sites. Leveraging the application, enterprises can better identify qualified leads, gather sales intelligence through increased collaboration with customers, and develop effective sales campaigns. According to the company’s product news release, CDC Pivotal Social CRM 6.0 is a new module that integrates with Facebook, Google BlogSearch, InsideView, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The company also said that CDC Pivotal Social CRM allows users to view the social media information from different areas of the Pivotal CRM solution without having to leave the application and in the context at which they need to view information from social media.

“Another distinctive differentiator compared to other social media systems is that CDC Pivotal Social CRM allows users to post messages and communications to Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook at once, while tracking them in the CRM system in order to understand ROI from social media campaigns and communications. CDC Pivotal Social CRM also allows users to easily connect with customers. For example, account managers can simply click once to send an email to all their accounts with the links to their social profiles. When the recipient gets the email, they just click on it, and that automatically takes them to the appropriate social site page where they can sign up to be friends with the account manager or organization. This saves the account manager time from manually searching for each and every contact on the social media site.

“The new Pivotal Social CRM application translates social media updates into ‘CRM actions,’ for example, on Twitter, each tweet by a company’s account can generate a CRM action. From the tweet, a company can choose to generate a new lead, assign a task to someone, generate a support incident, or just create a social media update for someone else to handle.”

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