Choosing Between CRM Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid Solutions

Mark J

Updated · Jun 09, 2010

While it may seem as if your competitors have already jumped on the Cloud-based CRM bandwagon, many are still hesitant and unsure about investing in a cloud computing strategy. This 1 to 1 Media article discusses CRM platforms as cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution.

“The most often bandied about issue with regard to cloud computing is the potential for security breaches. The reality is that security breaches are an inevitable fact of life in our computing world. Cloud vendors put in place the same technology and business processes to thwart potential hackers as any organization with mission-critical technology.

“”Along with the concerns about security breaches are questions about reliability and scalability. However, there are also significant benefits to leveraging a CRM solution via the cloud, especially for those smaller companies with shoestring budgets and small IT departments. For these types of companies, the cloud represents access to higher end products without the significant investments required for an enterprise-wide license, as well as internal management and maintenance.”

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