CRM Danger Zones

Mark J

Updated · Aug 27, 2010

CRM systems typically provide a report writing system as well as dozens of canned reports.
According to this Tech World story, CRM system reports can also expose data quality problems. Here are two “danger zone” CRM reports to look for.

“Danger Zone #1: Guess what: CRM systems can have serious data quality issues with duplicate records, phantoms, incomplete records, and inaccurate fields. While there are plenty of tools, services, and methods to clean up the data, the default assumption needs to be that the records are wrong… until proven otherwise. This issue only gets hairier when the CRM system receives data from outside feeds or is integrated with your other systems.

“The solutions here are policies and real-time processes that preclude (or at least flag) bad records from being imported or hand-entered into the CRM system. This may seem costly, but it's way cheaper than the inevitable wild-goose chases due to bad data.”

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