CRM Evolution: Social CRM and Deployment Strategies

Mark J

Updated · Aug 06, 2010

According to this report on CRM Buyer, this year's CRM Evolution event was true to its name as the show reflected the way thinking about CRM has changed over the years with a focus on CRM, Social CRM and
deployment strategies.

“The last few years have seen a burst of interest in social CRM, and many organizations are at least dipping a toe into the water (although the vast majority are waiting for someone else to make the first big splash). The customary series of events over the course of the history of high technology is for an advance to be made, followed some time later by the means to measure that advance and fully understand its impact.

“Because social CRM is leading the enterprise into fresh territory, many businesses are reluctant to take the leap without the ability to measure its impact on their revenues and the associated ROI.”

Read the Full “3 Trends That Will Shape CRM Evolution in the Year to Come” Story at CRM Buyer

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