CRM on Demand at Oracle OpenWorld

Mark J

Updated · Sep 24, 2010

This week is Oracle (ORCL) OpenWorld and that means more awkward co-opetition between Oracle and its ‘frenemies', according to this report on Software Advice. The article goes on to state that Oracle will be sharing the stage with partners/competitors like HP (HPQ), IBM (IBM) and SAP (SAP), but this year, the friction that really seems to have most enterprise software bloggers atwitter is the increasingly intense rivalry with (CRM).

Dueling CEOs aside, there is an important rivalry shaping up between and Oracle's CRM On Demand.

“It reminds us of Ellison's decade-long battle with CRM pioneer Tom Siebel (another of his
protégés). We all know how that ended: Oracle had the last word by acquiring a battered Siebel (battered by the economy more than Oracle, really). However, we have to think that Tom Siebel rests easy knowing that Oracle needed to own Siebel to own CRM.
After all, Oracle CRM On Demand is the former Siebel On Demand (which was the acquired UpShot).

“Does Oracle need to own Salesforce to own on-demand CRM? Let's look at some of the factors that might answer that question.”

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