Data Mining with Cloud Computing Staff

Updated · Jun 24, 2010

One of the unique benefits — not yet fully realized — of the emerging cloud computing trend is the ability of smart cloud vendors to capture valuable user data and put it to good use on behalf of their customers. This Datamation article describes how cloud vendors
can turn user data into valuable insight that can help users achieve their business objectives.

“In contrast, today's cloud computing services can give vendors unprecedented access to valuable data that can quickly and clearly help corporate managers better understand how they're doing in relation to others.

“This idea scares many people who confuse this ability with the inappropriate use of personal or proprietary data that clearly violates privacy laws. Instead, I'm talking about the authorized capture of higher-level activity data which can help users see how their behavior and experience compares to their peers.”

Read the Full “How Cloud Computing Helps Mine User Data” at Datamation

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