Data Visualization Focus of Pipeliner CRM’s Latest Release

Ann All

Updated · Nov 06, 2015

Data visualization is an increasingly popular way to “democratize” analytics by getting them into the hands of more employees. Pipeliner CRM is the latest company to attempt to capitalize on this trend with this week's launch of the latest version of its software, which it is calling Arithmetica. 

A focal point of the release is Pipeliner Performance Insights, which enables sales managers to view the performance of territories, regions, teams and individual salespeople against key performance indicators.

According to the company, the idea is to present complex data in a visual way that makes it easy to understand.

“Traditional CRM solutions were designed as data repositories but without the means to present that data in any useable format for sales managers and indeed salespeople” said Pipeliner CRM CEO Nikolaus Kimla in a statement. “This is why Pipeliner is revolutionary in that it takes that data and presents it visually so that sales managers can instantly see key performance indicators and use this business intelligence to coach, manage, and mentor their teams more effectively.”

Among the features in the new release, Pipeliner said its visual target can handle any KPI, as long as it is numeric. In addition, the target view allows users to compare different time periods. The company also has enhanced its timeline view by adding a 3D timeline view.

To enhance its online/offline synchronization, the company has made sync automatic whenever users are connected to the Internet.

A 30-day free trial of the software is available.

Pipeliner is not the only CRM company to offer sales tools that use visualization to present complex information to users. Others include startups Clari and ToutApp, and Salesforce revamped the look and feel of its Sales Cloud earlier this year, adding several visualization features.


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