Delivering on Customer Experience in Multiple Channels

Mark J

Updated · Jul 13, 2010

Today's online channels not only serve as marketplaces but also as public forums in which consumers and businesses sound off about your products, your service, your people and your brand. This CRM Buyer report offers advice and discussion on how to provide excellent customer
experience in today's online channels.

“Before any discussion of multichannel management, it is important to develop a strategy to move different types of transactions to the most appropriate and cost-effective channel. Self-service, chat, voice and social communities all have an impact on customer satisfaction and company cost. Driving activity to the right channel can improve satisfaction, reach more customers at lower costs, improve responsiveness and speed issue resolution.

“There has been a fundamental shift in the amount of external control that a company has over its brand, its service model and even the type and amount of product or service information that is available. In the past, companies organized around their internal functional areas and built a customer relationship management program that was controlled from this perspective. We defined product offers, training, built IVRs, and even on the Web we could define content and control it. But in today's social forums and online channels, customers are shaping the conversation outside of the boundaries of the enterprise, replacing scripted FAQs with their own questions — and their own answers. Recognizing this, companies must respond by first reevaluating the manner in which they organize and control internal operations to focus on the customer rather than on internal functions.”

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