Dell Updates Toad Database Management Toolset

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Updated · Jun 23, 2015

New database products and approaches are emerging all the time. So it's not surprising that some 70 percent of database administrators responding to a recent Dell Software survey said they managed databases from at least two vendors. A significant 7 percent of respondents managed databases from five or more vendors.

Dell, which positions itself as a platform-agnostic provider of database management solutions, today announced updates to its Toad family of products, including new support for SAP HANA and improved capabilities for IBM DB2 and Hadoop. According to Dell, this expanded platform support helps minimize the learning curve that can result when transitioning to a new database management system by enabling users to manage all their databases, including SAP Sybase and SAP HANA, via the Toad interface and tool set.

“Toad continues to add to its leadership in Oracle and other relational platforms, but also supports new platforms such as Hadoop, MongoDB and SAP HANA, as they are increasingly part of our customers’ complex data challenge,” said Darin Bartik, executive director of information management products, Dell Software, in a statement.

“As an integral part of Dell’s all data strategy, Toad is evolving beyond its roots as a tool for the individual database professional into a portfolio for teams and organizations to manage all data as an asset for their business,” Bartik added.

A new release of Toad for Oracle helps development and DBA teams work together more closely through integration with Toad Intelligence Central, which allows users to more easily share Toad files and attributes such as scripts, connections, automation actions and code analysis rule sets. In addition, management teams can now access new Web-based reporting for code analysis, enabling them to view historical and readiness code reports with no need for additional licenses.

Dell also has redesigned the main SQL development area and a revamped Toad's Team Coding area to improve support and management with third-party version control systems.

“And Toad is also pushing past the walls of the database itself to streamline processes for integrating and analyzing data,” Bartik noted in his statement.

To that end, a tool called Toad Data Point offers features that Dell promises will ease data transformation, cleansing, grouping, aggregating and sharing. An upgraded transformation and cleanse engine now includes data profiling capabilities, new transformation rules and a more robust engine for processing larger data sets, for example. The new release also enhances and simplifies the process of aggregating data, pivoting data and visually understanding data joins.

In addition, Toad Intelligence Central is now integrated with Dell Software’s Boomi integration and Statistica advanced analytics solutions, enabling users to integrate, share, prepare and analyze multiple disparate data sets from sources both on- and off-premises. Toad Intelligence Central not only integrates with Dell’s other data management solutions, but with tools from third-party visualization vendors such as Qlik, Tableau and Microsoft.

“Toad has led the way in the database tools market for the last 15 years, and the investments and innovations we’re making today are aimed at ensuring it continues leading for the next 15,” Bartik said.

According to Dell, new releases of Toad are available now with pricing starting at $595 per user. Toad products are sold both direct from Dell and through channel partners.

Dell gained the Toad toolset in its 2012 acquisition of Quest Software, which purchased it in 1998 from Jim McDaniel, an Oracle DBA who had freely distributed Toad online after creating it.

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