DialogTech Measures Mobile Click-to-Call Marketing Activity

Phil Britt

Updated · Jun 24, 2015

Mobile marketing is beginning to really take off. According to eMarketer, in 2015 mobile ad spending in the U.S. will grow 50 percent to hit $28.72 billion, accounting for 49 percent of all digital ad spending. By 2019, mobile ad spend will reach $65.87 billion and account for 72 percent of all digital advertising. Companies including AT&T are experiencing great success with mobile marketing campaigns.

Inbound marketing calls from prospective customers are growing too, thanks to click-to-call technology inherent to smartphones. Research firm BIA/Kelsey found that more than 70 billion calls were driven from mobile channels (search, display, native social and landing pages) in the U.S. in 2014, and are expected to more than double to 162 billion by 2019.

DialogTech, a provider of call analytics and automation, hopes to capitalize on these mobile marketing trends with DialogTech for Mobile Marketing, a solution that enables companies to track and control inbound phone calls from any mobile source, including advertising channels such as Google, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

According to the company, the product also provides marketers with accurate keyword-level call attribution data for Google call extensions. Using workflow automation tools marketers can set up call extensions and call tracking in Google AdWords, saving time and effort for organizations and agencies managing large numbers of ad groups.

In addition to call attribution, DialogTech touts these other features:

  • Contextual call routing that uses session, caller and campaign information as well as cell tower triangulation data to determine the exact location and optimal destination for every caller
  • Conversation Insight, a platform that records, transcribes and analyzes voice conversations so marketers can pinpoint keywords and phrases that indicate caller intent, lead quality and conversions
  • Integrations with third-party applications such as bid management, CRM and Web analytics solutions to improve campaign performance

“Every consumer approaches a purchase differently, and technology needs to be agile enough to account for these differences in order to provide real cross-channel value for marketers,” said Steven Hartman, vice president, marketing at Kenshoo, which recently integrated the Kenshoo Infinity Suite with DialogTech for Mobile Marketing. “Mobile phone calls can be a critical part of this process for shoppers who may need to check store hours or get an important question answered about a product before making a purchase. Marketers need to understand the contributions of click-to-call at the keyword level in order to optimize successfully and ensure their campaigns continue to produce.”

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