Dispelling Cloud-based Call Center Myths

Mark J

Updated · Jun 03, 2010

Call center managers are not yet convinced of the advantages of cloud-based call center systems as many see certain risks with migrating to the cloud-model. This TMC Net article discusses a recent study from DMG Consulting that dispels some of the myths and misconceptions about software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud-based call center applications.

“One of the top misconceptions listed in the white paper is that SaaS or cloud-based systems are generally geared for smaller companies with smaller call centers. While its true that the cloud model makes it many times simpler and less expensive for a small business to deploy, say, a workforce management solution, that doesn't mean a larger organization wouldn't benefit from using a cloud version as well: For example, today's cloud-based workforce management systems deliver extreme scalability, which makes them particularly beneficial to larger-sized businesses that see massive peaks and valleys in their call volume and sales cycles.

“This scalability is particularly advantageous to companies that see volume fluctuate based on seasonal sales cycles. For one thing, they can add or remove seats on an as-needed basis, thus giving them greater ability to control the cost of the cloud-based service (most of which, by the way, are offered on a monthly or annual subscription basis, also based on the number of seats). What's more, the company doesn't have to invest in a large number of software licenses, up to three quarters of which it won't use during periods of low volume, or extra hardware.”

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