ERP Software Buying Tips

Mark J

Updated · Nov 22, 2010

When purchasing ERP software there are a number of critical decisions to make. As pointed out in this article on Network World, companies must consider the differences in vendors' features and functionalities, support and license costs, TCO and ROI estimates, just to name a few.

“Those unwilling to go with a SaaS strategy voice most of the same concerns today as back in 2007: fears over security, downtime, customization and not having core ERP apps within the company's four walls.

“But the 2010 data also shows a significant disconnect concerning ERP upgrades among those surveyed: While desire to control the upgrade process was the number-one factor in preventing consideration of SaaS ERP, the second most-appealing consideration of SaaS ERP was that it reduces the cost and effort of upgrades.

“In other words, how your company feels about the upgrade process will likely play a part in whether it favors an on-premise or SaaS ERP package.”

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