Etacts Brings CRM Software Functionality to Contact Management

Mark J

Updated · Mar 25, 2010

Etacts is designed to bring CRM functionality to a user’s contact list through integration with Gmail.

"Let’s all just agree: Contact management is a pain in the butt," writes Mashable’s Ben Parr. "You want to keep in touch with your friends, business contacts and others, but solutions such as Google Contacts don’t offer advanced customer relationship management (CRM) features like what you see in Salesforce — even though a lot of us could use it. That’s a need Etacts seeks to meet."

"The website is simple and still sparse, but with a bit of effort, Etacts could become a central hub for contact management," Parr writes.

Click on the following to read the Mashable article: Etacts Transforms Your Gmail into a Contact Management Hub

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