Finding Value in Embedded Business Intelligence Analytics

Mark J

Updated · Dec 20, 2010

Business analytics tools and services vendor, Angel, recently produced a study that looks at the value of business intelligence analytics and the information and insight you can gather to improve the customer experience. This TMCnet report provides an overview of the report and key findings.

“The study discusses technology innovations that make BI analytics easy to implement. ‘Once considered too complex and expensive to be practical, technology has advanced to make BI analytics easily accessible through a built-in integration into the voice application,' company officials say, adding that in their opinion, Software as a Service (SaaS) is “the ideal way to implement a BI analytics product in tough economic times.'

“Business intelligence analytics can also identify trends and patterns in customer behavior and attitudes to understand the impact every customer experience has on costs, profitability, retention, customer satisfaction and brand loyalty, the study finds, while enumerating four principal advantages of the practice.”

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